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#130761 - 09/28/04 01:29 PM My Street Fight

Before I begin, Iíd like it to be understood that I take know pride in the story Iím about to tell. Instead, I tell his story as a lesson to others and myself. I was young, amateurish, and foolish. I know itís long, but please read all and be patient.

I was seventeen years old and had been practicing the art of Goju Ryu karate for about my fourth year. I had just gotten my brown belt. While reviewing my budgeting problems, it had occurred to me that there was no way I would be able to renew my karate membership and attend university in the following year with my current income. I had discussed this problem with a very good friend of mine and he had told me that there was some sort of and underground MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competition that paid all itís winner very good money; the catch was that these tournaments were NHB (No Holds Barred) and people usually got hurt. However I was cocky and overrated my skill level.
I had arranged for a match to be set up. It was to be held in 3 weeks from the date that I had booked it. I trained very hard. I stretched, weight lifted, did my cardio, and countless hours of karate training. When the time had come, I was standing at 6í0 tall and a lean 165 pounds.
The directions I was given led to a soccer field. I figured there was no way I was at the right place until I saw over fifty people sitting on and around the bleachers. I was greeted by a very friendly man who on the way to the center of the soccer field went over some very basic rules (no groin shots, no biting, etcÖ), he also explained the ways to win (knock out, taping out, if the ďrefĒ decided to stop the match, or if whoever was in your corner threw in the towel; I had my cousin in my corner).
Me and some other mean looking guy stood across from each other in the circle at the center of the soccer field with a crowed of people outlining the ďringĒ. He was bigger then me, both height and width, and was built. I had heard that he was a Tae-Kwon-Do practitioner.
Some old man came in between us and asks if weíre ready; we both nod yes and he yells for the fight to begin. The next thing I remember is my heart beating out of my chest, my hands dripping with sweat, and my ears hurting from everyoneís screams and taunts. He made the first move by reaching across with his right arm to grab my right shoulder. Next, he starts punching; straight, hard punches. I tried punching back by it didnít do too much because I had to punch over my own should and I barely touched him. Also, I couldnít turn myself because of the awesome grip he had on my shoulder and because of how strong he was.
My cousin runs in and yells for the ďrefĒ to stop the match after my face looked like someone spilt red paint on me. I didnít get any money that night, but the lesson I learned about fighting was good enough for me.
That was about two years ago, and once again Iím having some serious money problems. So much so I might be forced to drop out. Iím much better now then I was then, and the option for me to fight again is still open. I no how stupid it sounds but this is the only other way for me to get my hands on some money, and believe me Iíve explored other options (parents, students loans, bank loans, credit cards, other family members, a second job). It seems Iím down to a simple choice of fight, or drop out, any suggestions?

Ps: Please donít say another source of money because Iíve tried more then you can imagine! And believe me, this is NOT a choice I like making!

#130762 - 09/29/04 12:25 PM Re: My Street Fight

Have you asked your instructor?

Doesn't sound like it.

I bet he'd rather keep you out of stupid brawls.

#130763 - 10/16/04 02:17 AM Re: My Street Fight

What did you learn about fighting, two years ago?

#130764 - 10/19/04 06:10 AM Re: My Street Fight

Hey GojuR, i feel bad 4 u, but i dont even think that (no offence to Goju Ryu) Goju Ryu is a great style for this kinda full contact stuff, i mean man seriously, its point spar'in, like take up Kyokushin, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, boxing or BJJ , oh lol sorry i forgot u had no money, soz.

i dont think that this illegal fighting is a great i dea, i mean thats y its illegal.

just c if u can help out in the Dojo, or like i dunno, speak 2 ur Goju Instructor about this problem

#130765 - 10/19/04 01:24 PM Re: My Street Fight
schanne Offline
breaks things

Registered: 02/18/04
Posts: 4370
Loc: Woodbury NJ
Then drop out for now, it is not the end of the world, although your next fight could be?

#130766 - 10/24/04 08:58 PM Re: My Street Fight

Hey GojuR,

I have to say I agree with Schanne. Given that you've truly tried everything else to get money, I'd say dropping out would be the better option. You'll always be able to rejoin when your financial status is better. Going into illegal fighting after what happened in your first experience with it, I think, is just asking for more trouble than your situation needs. Just my opinion...I hope it helped!

Good Luck! [IMG][/IMG]


#130767 - 10/29/04 08:53 PM Re: My Street Fight

ASTP, I learned that years of training can do little if a person does not have first-hand experience, and that if you train for years and years only to be a good street fighter, you might as well not train. Theres no harm in me mentioning this, but I've chosen to fight-stupid I no, but oh well. If I drop out of school now I no I'll never get back, so for the next little while, I'll train so it will be immpossible for me to lose. My fight is on December 10th at 12:45am, wish me luck!

#130768 - 10/29/04 09:13 PM Re: My Street Fight

I don't think you get the point. These fight are life threatening and (I don't know what to say ) Personnally I think it's stupid to risk your health even your life and get some serious injuries just to get some money. I mean is your health only worth like 400$. And you say tha if you quit for a while you won't get back to it. Than you might not really like martial arts. I mean if you drop you shouldn't lose your desire to train. So maybe your training isn't that important to you. And training in a martial art is all about self respect so... No offense there I'm just saying my point.

#130769 - 10/29/04 10:38 PM Re: My Street Fight

You got the wrong idea, or maybe I gave the wrong idea. I bought a life time membership to my martial arts school about six years ago, so I'm not talking about dropping out of the martial arts, I'm talking about dropping out of university, and even if I do decide to go back they tend to not accept older students. And its not $400, its somewhere around $2000 and sometimes even more to the winner.

#130770 - 10/30/04 03:15 AM Re: My Street Fight

I did that many years ago. And then as today, bad idea. The money is good but eventually you'll get yourself hurt or killed.

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