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#130623 - 07/09/04 02:27 AM TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

i got into this puch up, about 6 weeks ago. I broke my nose, 2 ribs and my left fist. the 3 attackers had worse injuries [IMG][/IMG], i am 6'3, 110 kg, muscular, 25. attacker number one: 5'9, 80kg,skiny and maybe 18. attacker number 2:6'3, 100kg, average and about 21-25. attacker number 3: 6'0, muscular, about 30. they are all friends of my cousin (we r enemies). i know that one of them does BJJ, and the other two r obsessed with boxing.

i study Kyokushinkai Karate,Kempo and the occasional Judo class. it was a proud day when i beat them (i know i sound like a bully thug but remember i was attacked).

this is when i realised that all my hard training paid off, and for a nervous guy in these situations i learnt that ne thing is possiblr, lol

#130624 - 07/09/04 05:04 AM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING
Shaolinboy Offline

Registered: 01/19/04
Posts: 256
Loc: England
Hi Warrior

Well done for defending yourself. But tell me how did this start? and was there no other alternative but to fight them?
So what have you learned from this encounter?
I commend you for you for being able to use your skills and I hope I never have to use mine but if I do I hope I will be just as effective as you were. I have been studying Kung Fu for 6 years so it would be interesting to see how that fares in a street fight.
What kind of training do you do in your karate class, and do you work on multiple attack scenarios?

#130625 - 07/09/04 10:23 PM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

howdy Shaolinboy,

well basically the 3 attackers came up 2 me and started talking shit,lol, on behalf of my cousin. I walked away and even offered them my wallet. I kept walking(but they followed me and kept shoving me) i remember one of them picked up a stick and started poking me,lol, (what a loser)

thats when i got mad, i told them to F off or i will bash their faces in, lol, but they kept going on , then one of them said something like- screw it lets bash this bitch. and then one grabbed me from behind and i used Ushiro-kin geri (a small reverse groin snap kick from kyokushin) and he fell over. the other punched me in the back of my head, (it hurt, lol, ) i ignored him and punched the other on , infront of me about 7 times continuously in the face, his face was bloody and fucked up(excuse the profanity).

then i got into a proper fight with the other, (he was a good boxer) a few of his punches broke through my guard but my kicks were too much for him and he backed off and then i moved in for the final punch.

the one on the ground(got kicked in the ground) trained in BJJ, i remember because my dumbass cousin told me. He grabed my leg to take me down, (i let him, i figured too truely beat him and embarassseee him i would beat him at his own game, GROUND FIGHTING).

he took me down and started some stupid leg submission , i elbowed him in the face 9 times( he let go after the first 3 elbows, BUT I WAS ANGRY, lol) after the elbows that was the end of him.

the other loser (person that i punched heaps) got up and picked up the stick, he tryed to hit me in the face but i grabbed it off him and belted him in his already destroyed face twice. lol, i know i sound creul but i had to do what i had too do.

the good boxer was still concious, lol, so we had a final showdown, lol, (samurai style, lol).

he is a boxer but he did a low roundhouse kick, but i checked it (knee block) and my knee broke his ankle, and that was the end of him and the end of the whole ordeal.

i have learnt that in a street situation you have to do what ever it takes to end the fight, THE LONGER IT GOES ON THE HIGHER RISK OF INJURIE,

dont worry shaolin boy im sure ur Kung Fu will pay off, ne training is better than none !!!!.

it is funny at my dojo we dont actually train with multiple attackers.

this fight happened in a bad neighbourhood at about 1 am, (i live in a bad neighbour hood, [IMG][/IMG] lol)


#130626 - 07/11/04 07:06 PM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

I wish I was as big as you

I'm about 70kg an 5'11

I know size dosent always matter but it helps

#130627 - 07/12/04 01:32 AM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

ahh dont worry it aint that bad

#130628 - 07/16/04 05:05 AM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING
Shaolinboy Offline

Registered: 01/19/04
Posts: 256
Loc: England
Warrior James

I'm glad you came out of that fight the victor and I hope thise guys have learnt their lesson. Maybe they will respect you now and leave you alone I hope, thats if they are intelligent enough to do that, if not I hope they don't seek revenge.
I remember a similar story of a friend of mine i used to spar with (he had some Karate knowledge plus read some Jeet Kune Do books).
He was attacked by 2 guys who he fought with JKD he had learnt from the books. Now at the time I had very little knowledge as I was about 17 and had only been taught basic moves by a friend of my sister's and I was learning from books as well. Well anyway he won the fight but I never asked him how.
But when I was 21 I decided I needed to stop deluding myself I would get anywhere teaching myself and began to study Kung fu and I have been enjoying it ever since. Its so much fun and last night we were doing some very useful self defence stuff and some of it is actually in our forms. I was partnered with this little kid, much smaller than me and he was doing very well with the techniques, so it goes to show that they could work on larger people.
One technique was if you were pushed to the ground, the attacker then follows up with a kick, you trap his leg and take him down with boh your legs. If he resists then its going to be more painful.
Then we worked on some pressure point strikes. Someone grabs your shirt with both hands (possibly going for a head butt) perform a double knuckle punch to either side of his ribs, or the other techniques was to push down on the hollow point of this elbow, where it bends on the inside.

#130629 - 07/16/04 04:17 PM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

A broken nose, two broken ribs,and a broken fist, sounds like you had fun. I remember those days of injury, oh how i miss those days. I have a feeling that they are comming back

#130630 - 07/20/04 12:55 PM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

Too bad there isn't a spell checker on this website.... [IMG][/IMG]

#130631 - 07/29/04 11:09 AM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

I commend you for your restraint.
Against three attackers, all of which had some form of training and the intent to heavily injure you, I would say that you would have been entirely justified in killing two of them.But for better or worse, the're
all alive, I can hope you heal soon and that they have at least learnt a little about starting fight with no real reason behind them.

#130632 - 08/02/04 12:17 AM Re: TRUE,PAINFUL,REWARDING

that which does not kill us makes us stranger



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