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#130520 - 09/25/04 02:20 AM Re: A true story.

however full of **** he is, most of the replyees here are the ones that need to rethink they're miserable lives.

how does a false story affect u? it's not like the president is lying to u, its not like your wife is cheating on u, in fact, it has nothing to do with you, or the comfort of ur life, so why not just leave him alone, let him do his own thing, while we discuss things that are relevent.

automatic insulting is far LESS ethical than making stories up.

#130521 - 09/30/04 04:46 AM Re: A true story.
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Heh heh, I return after a few months and see my story is much discussed still.

It's not a made up story. It happened. August 11th 2003, 11pm EST

I posted it cause I wanted to get an honest opinion of what saved me from comming out of it unscathed, be it genes, luck, inner energy, conditoning, nutrition, my sheer size advantage. Or perhaps auto pilot like the one person suggested. More likely a combination of all of the above I suppose.

I didn't write is with the intent of it being a story of bravado either, lol, I found that comment amussing.

As far as memorys of the events, its more like still pictures in my mind. As if I am remembering photos I've taken.

Anyway I look forward to your continued posts.

[This message has been edited by otobeawanker (edited 09-30-2004).]

#130522 - 09/30/04 11:57 AM Re: A true story.

First you say:

"Monday August 11th 2003, aprox 10pm."

Then you say:

"It's not a made up story. It happened. August 11th 2003, 11pm EST"

I'm sorry but usually when someone gets the time so far out in two different accounts (10pm, then 11pm), I tend to get a little suspicious. Just a typing error I hope? I'm not trying to start a fight btw.

#130523 - 10/01/04 05:55 PM Re: A true story.
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
I never noticed. But those posts are months apart, and when I made the last one I never read back up. So I consider that pretty consistant myself.

As far as starting a fight, No worries mate. I don't catagory it into positive or negative feed back. To me feedback is feedback. All posts are apriciated and respected no matter what ones opinion.

#130524 - 10/06/04 11:37 AM Re: A true story.
MAGon Offline

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 1737
Loc: Miami, Fl.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by otobeawanker:
Jeans and Genes. Are two different things. But Genes may be the only way to explain how when I was in a child and got in a head on collision not wearing my seatbelt. My head went through the windshild smashing right out. I survied, with out a scratch, no headache, no whiplash, no injury what so ever. I con't think of another reason other than genes. Or perhaps it is my inner life force. my ki or chi. whatever they call it.

[This message has been edited by otobeawanker (edited 05-26-2004).]

Or there's another explanation: The damage to your head was internal. From what you write, I strongly suspect that's the case. [IMG][/IMG]

#130525 - 10/10/04 10:49 AM Re: A true story.

If you have such a high pain threshold why don't you be a bad ass circus side show and carve sketches of celebrities into your self...that's what i'd do instead of posting stories noone has anyway of proving or disproving

#130526 - 10/10/04 12:15 PM Re: A true story.

Come on! I loved the story. Think I saw a movie with a similar scene in it once. Please write some more!

BTW, nose, I've seen people react far less violently when it turns out that a president's been lying, with far more disastrous consequences. I agree.

#130527 - 10/15/04 11:53 AM Re: A true story.


I can verify that the time was actually 10pm as I was one of the guys that jumped you. Though your story has some truth I see you've added a lot of crap too.

Like for starters there were only two of us, and you think that was mace in your eyes? man if it was you'd be crying like a baby, that was actually my younger brothers pee-pee in an ionizer.

Oh yeah and you chassed us right? You were running after us because we got your mp3 player; Jason DONAVAN!!! and BRIAN ADAMS??? dude your taste in music sucks! No wonder you didnt want us to get away with it. For your information we had to wipe it clean before we could even sell it!

Oh and that scabard that you found thats mine but you keep it for your collection.

I don't mind you writing about the events that took place that night but don't sound off like your the big hard man. You are the victim and if we see your scrawny face on the street we are going to lick your ass. (but we are not gay, not that it would matter if we were though)

You had better read through some of the threads on here that teach you how to beat people up, because we're coming to get you and you are going down! (no, not the way you're thinking you big sissy)

You haven't heard the last of this ohtobeawanker or should I say Ghyslian Raza yeah we know who you are!!!


#130528 - 10/20/04 02:06 AM Re: A true story.

[IMG][/IMG] (no comment)

[This message has been edited by keahi (edited 10-20-2004).]

#130529 - 10/22/04 07:31 AM Re: A true story.


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