A friend on another list recently wrote:

> The wheelchair is a great weapon.

Which brings back an old memory.

I was very new and attended one of my first karate tournaments in York, Penna. Hosted by George Iberl. Part of the reason my wife and I went was to attend a kicking clinic with Bill (Superfoot) Wallace the following day, which is another looooooooong post about what a Superman can do and the rest of us only dream about.

Anyway in those days, the finals were in the evening at a tournament (after dinner) and the people of the town would attend to watch the finals and other events.

While there Ted Volrath gave an incredible demonstration. Ted Volrath was a 6th Dan in Isshinyu and he had lost both his legs in the Korean Police Action (read that 'War').

Anyway I remember him diving out of his wheelchair, grabing an attacker's belt and dragging him down to the ground to finish him off. Sadly 20 years later I discovered he actually hurt himself quite badly during that demonstration.

But the 'best' part happened when he described his role in a movie "Pushers Die Hard". He had the entire audience on seats on the Gym floor stand as he described this scene in an alley in the movie. Anyhow baddies jumped him and were ganging up in front of him to do him in..... and the entire audience was straining forward to listen.

He described how the bad guy's got closer and closer, then he grabbed the armrests on his wheel chair and yanked them up. They quickly rose and two double barreled shotguns popped out and blasted away. As one
person the entire audience dropped into their seats.

He was using the gimicked wheel chair from the movie and it made a real impression.

I recall reading how Master Volrath was sponsoring a Martial Arts for the Handicaped and enlisting schools to break out of their normal barriers. I never had the chance to meet him again.

Victor Smith
Bushi No Te Isshinryu