Filipino Martial Arts seminar in sunny Orlando,Florida!!
June 18th and 19th ,2005

Brothers of the blade seminar and gathering


We invite you to join us in beautiful
for our First Annual Florida Seminar and Gathering! If
you plan on vacationing in Florida or live in the South
East United States this is one seminar you dont
want to miss! Why not bring the family,and enjoy the
beach while takeing in some of the attractions and
geting some great training time in! Martial Art
Technologies the headquarters of Angeles Eskrima will
be hosting this two day event with 3 instructors of 3
great systems! Come and explorer the arts of the
philippines and indonesia with us!


Punong Guro Rodger Marsh,Chief Instructor Angeles Eskrima,C.E.O Martial
Art Technologies

Upcoming Events
* Brothers of the blade seminar


* Brothers of the blade seminar

Where & When
12471 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando,Florida 32837
June 18th and 19th

Who will be there and What will be going on?

PENTJAK SILAT- KUNTAO with Guru Muda Kevin
Schmitt Amerindo Pentjak Silat is a rarely seen,
highly sophisticated, and physically effective fighting
system from indonesia. The style is composed of
multiple strikes,takedowns, sweeps, joint locks,
ground, knife and stick fighting.The Instructor , Kevin
A. Schmitt, is certified directly under GURU BESAR JIM
INGRAM of the Amerindo self defense system.Kevin
has been a martial art veteran since 1972 and also
holds Instructor level in Arnis , Tae kwon do, and Yen
ming shou kuai self defense.

Angeles Eskrima with Punong Guro Rodger
Guro Marsh was trained directly under Maestro
Armando p. Angeles of Cebu,Philippines.Angeles
Eskrima is a family art passed through generations
and is a composite art of many filipino systems of kali
arnis and eskrima tested and refind by Maestro
Angeles in the jungles of the Philippines durring ww2
this art is a no nonsence application of the best of
filipino arts now the Head of the system Guro Marsh
blends his knowledge of other arts such as wing chun
kung fu,muay thai,and the concepts of jeet kune do
into a harmonious union of his own self expression.

Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar with Guro Brian "Buzz"
Kuntaw is a martial art that was developed in the
Philippines. Fighting skills were "borrowed" from the
many cultures that arrived in the Philippines by
migration or invasion and were organized into a viable
fighting system. This fighting system, known as
Maharlika Kuntaw, handles the three ranges of battle:
Largo (long); Sumbrada (short); and Hubud (close)
ranges as well as the three altitudes of fighting: air,
standing and ground.

These fighting skills come from many different areas
of the Orient. However, the three main cultures
which Kuntaw was derived from were India, Indonesia
and China. India gave the arts of weaponry and
sword fighting, Indonesians provided snake-like
grappling and striking techniques, and forceful kicks
and blows were brought by Chinese people. The three
main Filipino Arts which Kuntaw is comprised of are:
Buno (Philippine Wrestling), Sikaran (Kicking Art) and
Bugtongan (Philippine Stick Fighting System). While
these arts are inherently Filipino, they were first
influenced by non-Filipino fighting styles.
Guro Smith was one of the first non-Muslim, non-
Filipinos to obtain Black Belt rank in the Filipino art of
Kuntaw, 1973. He brought Kuntaw to the U.S. in
1973 and established the American Maharlika Kuntaw
Association. Buzz established the first Filipino Martial
Arts course in the U.S. that qualified for College
credit in 1982, he was the Executive Director of the
American Maharlika Kuntaw Association in 1975, and
the owner and executive director Northern Martial
Arts Academy since 1989. Buzz was also the U.S.
Director of Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas in 1984.Guro Smith
holds 5th Degree Black Belt in Kuntaw Ng Pilpinas, a
2nd Degree Black Belt in Shin shin Nogare Jitsu, a
Black Belt in Pekiti Tersia Kali and in Modern Arnis, as
well as extensive training in Combat Judo, Tae Kwon
Do, Kyo Kushin Kai Karate, Muay Thai Kick boxing,
Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Pentjak Silat, Kali, and
Street Survival Tactics

Priceing:$80.00 at door per each day
of seminar if the two day package is purchased pay
$150 at door on day one and and save yourself ten
or get the avanced registration special and save big!
get both days for $120.00 you save 30 bucks!
note all advanced registrations must be received
no later than Monday June 6th 2005
and wait there's more!!
we also have a group rate for tremendous savings!!
if you advance register FIVE people the whole group
gets in for only $350.00 NOTE: we must have names
of all individuals in your group
with payment in check or money order by monday
june 6th 2005 to register group

For all advanced registraitions make check
or money order payable to Rodger Marsh and mail
along with names to: Martial Art Technologies 929
gilmore ave # 215 Lakeland,Florida