Saturday 30 April 2005
“The Royal Body Guard Style”

Raja Hati is a combat fighting art that was designed for the Royal Indonesian bodyguards to defend against bandits, assassins, multiple attackers & weapons. This style is suited for anyone who needs to learn to protect themselves in a fast and effective manner. Great for women, children and persons of small stature as well as martial artist of all kinds.

Sunday 1 May 2005
“Knife & Blade Work”

Kali is the Indonesian Bahasa word for river. Hence in Indonesian knife fighting the concept is to flow like water running in a river, never stopping. You go through, around, under or over in a continuous flowing manner. Silat knife fighting is the deadliest of all the knife fighting arts. This art is for anyone who seriously wants to know how to use a knife in a fight.

Learn these ancient & deadly combat arts in an 8 hour 1 day seminar.

$99.00 per day or $150.00 for both days

You must pre-register by 16 April 05. Space is limited so 1st come 1st served.

Presented By:
Defensive Arts Training Association
3211 W. 62nd Place Chicago, IL.
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