International Federation of Russian hand-to-hand fighting
We invite you to a seminar of the President of the International Federation of Russian hand-to-hand fight of I.G.Skobeev (Moscow), which will take place on November, 26-28, 2004 in Tallinn (Estonia).
Theme : RRB - the art of manner
The latest achievements in hand-to-hand fight have been based on glorious traditions on Russian Army and Patristic Ancestry of Orthodoxy.
I.G.Skobeyev is one of the chief specialists and ideologists of Russian hand-to-hand fight, who has been working in this unique field for about 30 years. He worked with the officers of the 9th Administration Office of KGB of the USSR, which were to protect high rank officials. He also trained the officers of the 8th Department, one of the most secret services of the Army and Navy. Prepared the officers of the special purpose regiments of Air Troops. Taught Russian hand-to-hand fight in one of the high military educational establishments-Zhukovskii's Military Academy. Organized and trained the personal of private Security Service of large commercial structured, like the Security Service of RAO GAZPROM.
Only in 3 days you will learn to release from any seizure and to make the adversary lose his equilibrium. You will also master the skill of rendering the adversary, armed with a knife or a short-barreled weapon, harmless. Using this balanced methods of teaching, you will be able to create your own defence, as well as to upgrade your level in this art yourself further.
Cost of a seminar 140 EUR (3 days).
Duration of employment of 12 hours.
Video clips of Russian hand-to-hand fight:
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