My brother and I are having weekly get togethers in Center city Philadelphia.

This is the deal:

We want to invite anyone who wants to show up to come and practice whatever you want to practice in a group of like minded individuals. We are just interested in getting better at martial arts and are looking for people of any style or method that is willing to practice.

There are three rules:

1. No teachers. By this I mean that no one shows up and starts bossing people around or telling them that their stuff is useless or junk.

2. Respect the space. We use a studio space sometimes. Don't spit on the floor or act like an animal. Growling's fine, just don't do anything dumb that will get us kicked out.

3. Respect your partner. Don't bust anyones teeth out. Agree on how you and your partner/s want to practice and stick to it. No freaking out and hurting people. Everyone that shows up knows that accidents happen, just don't try to hurt anyone.

That's it. If we use the studio space, the guy charges us twenty five bucks an hour. Depending on how many people show up, we split the cost evenly. Five people, five bucks each for one hour. Odds are that we will stick around for two hours or so, so that's the deal with that. If the weather is nice, we might as well go to a park and save some cash.

So far, there are about eight people or so that are interested and there has been one meet up so far. We will meet up this thursday for extra practicing and because no one has to do anything on thursday. The official day each week is Sunday afternoon. Three thirty or so.

Anyone that is interested, please email me at JoshVogel2003@yahoo.com or post here. I'll probobly sooner get the email, so that's your best bet.