Attention Martial Arts Instructors

Taekwondo Karate Kung fu Kickboxing Hapkido Kuntao Jeet kune do etc.

we invites you to join us, train, learn, grow, and

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Rapido Realismo Instructor

No Franchise fee No Licensing fee No Revenue Sharing No Politics

Until recently only few have accepted in the Rapido Realismo and joining the inner circle is not easy. Master Henry was a traditional based instructors who choose his students and share only the most practical to those who deserve. He doesn't want to commercialize his art to the point he hide those thing we called secrets and only available to few. Guro Isagani Abon convinced him that his skills and knowledge will be wasted if he wont share and teach it to the public then they founded the Luneta Kali Combative Group and now PG Espera decided to expand the Rapido Realismo (even to the Foreigner) then promote and propagate the Arts.

For Rapido Realismo Martial Arts expansion we are inviting everyone to be our representatives in your country. We've designed a comprehensive, Instructor development and certification course with different level that respect and compliments your existing Hand to Hand and Weaponry System. We're looking for serious, progressive & concientious Instructors/Trainers from any style or discipline. You can now professionally integrate Rapido Realismo into their curriculum. Those who want to help people learn martial arts, those who want to make a differience in their communities, and those who want to expand their market and make an extra money by teachibg and adding the Rapido Realismo into their exsiting Program. For more Info Contact

Guro Isagani Abon