Real Deal Seminar NYC: Krav Maga, Haganah, Hisardut

Learn battle-proven hand-to-hand, groundfighting and knife fighting techniques from three Israeli combat veterans, together for one weekend only in New York City.

Dates: July 24-25, 2004

Location: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY
899 Tenth Avenue (at 58th St.)
Easy access to subways, Penn Station and Grand Central.

Rhon Mizrachi - Krav Maga
Mike Lee Kanarek - Haganah
Moti Horenstein - Hisardut

Entry Fee: $150/$199 week of seminar

To register call (212) 781-7918

Rhon Mizrachi is a former Israeli Paratrooper Sergeant, who engaged in extensive combat during the Lebanon war in 1982. Mr. Mizrachi began studying Krav Maga in 1969. He is the longest active practitioner of Krav Maga outside of Israel. Currently, he is the chief instructor of Krav Maga Inc. and is recognized as a master instructor by the Krav Maga International-Kapap, Israeli Krav-Maga Association, the State of Israel Ministry of Education Culture and Sport; Wingate Institute. Rhon is a 4th Dan Black Belt and has over 25 years of teaching experience both here and abroad. His teaching experience in Israel includes both military and civilian instruction. In the U.S. Mr. Mizrachi teaches civilians and law enforcement personnel. Prof. Mizrachi also directs the self-defense program for law enforcement at the distinguished John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Mike Lee Kanarek is a former Israeli Special Operations Group Commando of the battle-hardened Golani Brigade and a world class Hand-to-Hand Combat instructor. Mike brings to the table this military knowledge and his 20 years of full contact martial arts experience to teach you to devastate an attacker fast. He is the founder of Haganah, a complete self-defense system based on both Israeli martial arts and Israeli military tactics used by Israeli Special Forces operatives and is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Survival Hisardut and 1st Dan Black Belt in Krav Maga. Mike's clients include local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals.

World Champion Moti Horenstein is a 3-year veteran of the Israeli Paratrooper Special Forces. As the leading Israeli fighter he holds World titles in 5 different styles. In 1995, Shihan Moti was crowned Champion of the World in the International World Oyama Karate Open Championships. In 1996, 1997 and 1999 he was Super Heavyweight World Champion at the World Championships in Thailand. Most recently he captured the Super Heavyweight US Championship in Muay Thai. Moti is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Hisardut, having trained directly under its founder, Dennis Hanover, and has trained extensively in Israeli Krav Maga.

Check the above websites for more information about these fighters, their systems, and seminar details.