Hi mates
I'm new here and hope you can help me:
I'm looking for about 8 years for a Ninja-Samurai film which i saw back in the 80's at my friends home. this film was so interesting in it's plot and the fighting was
so good and long i haven't seen such in other ones.
Here are some parts in the film i remeber:
1)The scene opens up with a young lad by the name Tokomaru or something, running away from a group of black ninjas in a very very high tower above the river. the ninjas also kill in the hells of the tower some geishas in their pursue after him. then the lad comes to a corner where the group of ningas come from to sides of the corridor and then he lifts up on the balcony and makes the choise of his life: he jumps into the river from a height that ensures certain death. the jumping was very marvelous and in slow motion while you hear the wind whistling by.

2)This lad, Tokomaru (or so) fights againts an old master which looks similiar to the one
in "Kill Bill 2". the fighting scene is very long with different kinds of weapons like sharp metal plates and others. eventually the
lad kills the old master with 2 knives stuck
in each side of the masters waists in a rainy scene and then the master begs him to leave
him alone us the lad becomes astonished and
regrets for this fight (maybe it was his master).

3) the last part which i remeber, you see in the movie a fight between different ninja clans and samurais with different clothes:
white ninjas, blue ninjas, red ninjas and also army material ninja clothes. the
ninjas with the army material clothes appeared from underneath the ground, just
jumping out of the ground as if they were buried there and they also help this young
lad with his fight against the evil ninjas.