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#129520 - 01/03/05 07:29 PM Don't Mind This.

Article #7


This article explains how the artic is becoming more polluted and becoming a chemical time bomb. The artic was a dumpsite for the Soviet Union’s nuclear waste in the 60’s. Now because of this, the artic is getting a lot of chemical build up that is bad for the environment.

The Inuit who live there will be affected because they get almost everything from the land. They eat fish that is contaminated by the nuclear waste. All wildlife will be affected. There population will slowly decline until they are wipeout.

Slow killing the artic air finding signs of pesticides in the air that could travel one of the gulf streams that could bring the effects and nuclear waste down here. The United Nations is planning to clean up the mess involving a project to clean and rid the place with its nuclear waste.

I find this pretty stupid because were killing are earth even more. We are not taking care of what we have here on Earth.

I wonder why wouldn’t Russia (Formally the Soviet Union) Clean there mess up. That shows how good there government is. It’s a good thing the U.N is trying to clean up the mess.

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#129521 - 01/06/05 09:33 PM Re: Don't Mind This.


What is it?: Meditation is a state of relaxation and peace. Makes the body and mind think and concetrates on thoughts. It helps with stress and calms people down. It helps with stress related dieases.

Purpose of Meditation: The Purpose of Meditation is to relax the person and bring them into a peaceful state. Some people use meditation as for stress relive purposes. Others use meditation for training purposes like what I do. (Example: Martial arts )
Others use it through pray or being one with God. (Religon purposes) People say that through meditation they became more aware of there surrondings, self-discipline and concentration. These Two diffrent reason are split up into two major sections. Religous Meditation where a person is trying to connect to a divine or focus meditation which is for health and personal reasons.

Diffrent kinds of meditation:

Samadhi: A meditation technique that makes the person constrates on a certain word, image, person or idea. Use in the hindu and buddhist traditions. Its also use in Christianity (Gregorian chant), and Jewish Kabbalah.

Anapanasati: Meditation that constrates on breathing and focusing on breath.

Vipassana: Focusing not only on breath but also your suroundings. Having insight.

Both Anapanasati and Vipassana meditation are part of Buddhism. These are some of the techniques that they use to progress and ultimately lead to enlightenment ( A high state)

Clinical studies for meditation:
In 1972, transcendental meditation

(Definition of the WIKIPEADIA.COM:technique comprises the silent mental repetition of a simple sound known as a mantra, allowing the repetition to become quieter and quieter, until it disappears and one is left conscious, but without thoughts. This is the goal of the inward stroke of meditation and is called pure consciousness. Together with the mind, the body has come to rest too, and starts to clear out "stress". This means bodily activity, and therefore also mental activity in the form of thoughts...)

affected a patient metabolism by lowering the biochemical of stress, such as lactic acid, and by decreasing heart rate and blood pressure.

Meditation is often used in hospitals for chronic or terminal illness to reduce complications associated with increased stress.


(Herbert Benson of the Mind-Body Medical Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard and several Boston hospitals, reports that meditation induces a host of biochemical and physical changes in the body collectively referred to as the "relaxation response" (Lazar, 2003). The relaxation response includes changes in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry. Benson and his team have also done clinical studies at Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains. Among other well-known studies within this particular field of interest we find the research of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts who have done extensive research on the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress (Kabat-Zinn, 1985; Davidson ,2003).

One of the most important invitatons to study the clinical effects of meditation comes from The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. The Dalai Lama has had many dialogues with Western scientists about this subject and it was at the top of the agenda when he visitied Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September 2003 for the "Investigating the Mind conference".)

Dark side of Meditation: If meditation to done improperly or too intensely can cause psychological and physiological problems. Some side affects are uncomfortable kinaesthetic sensations, mild dissociation and psychosis-like symptoms, depression, relaxation-induced anxiety and panic, paradoxical increases in tension, impaired reality testing, confusion, disorientation and feeling 'spaced out'.

My Procedure: For 10 days Use this meditation before Kung fu training:
Everyday for 30 minutes. To Improve my attentiveness and more focus

{Basic Meditation}
Sit your back against a wall and begin the meditation by closing your eyes and taking in a deep breath through your nose. Let this breath be deep and fill up your belly. When the breath reaches the bottom open your mouth and allow the breath to just fall out without any force. Repeat this several times until your mind and body become more relaxed and integration begins to happen. At this point raise your eyes (still closed) so they are looking up at a 45% angle as if you are looking out the very center of your forehead. Clear all other thoughts from your mind by imagining a 1" shaft of pure white light coming up through the center of your body from the base of your tailbone all the way up to the top crown of your head. Breathe into this shaft of light for a few minutes and then expand the light outward from the shaft core in all directions at the same time by using your breath as the catalyst until the light extends about a foot past your physical body. Take another deep breath, holding the breath for a count of 8. Then release out the mouth any tension or stress in your being. Take a second deep breath holding for the count of 16, releasing it out the mouth with any un-supporting thoughts. Take a third deep breath holding for a count of 32, releasing out the mouth, cleansing the spirit. Now breathe naturally and continue to use light and breath to push out of you any unwanted energy or thoughts mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. You can use some relaxing music to enhance your state of meditation. Carry this heart space throughout your day. Claim this (inner) space in the universe as your own, living your vision with good purpose. now this isnt timed so you can do it for as long as you feel,can be from 20 too 3 hours if you wanted.

Day 1:made me calm a bit and made me sleepy during class. Didn't last as long. Got trieder quickly.

Day 2: Feel more calm and not as sleeply. last a 5 minutes longer then usual. Did well
especially in the cardio work.

Day 3: Are teacher try to trick use with hits and I didn't fall for it. More aware of my surrounding and work alittle harder.

Day 4:Fully awake and felt rejuvenated after I did meditation and acually did better and I notice I lasted longer in the cardio workouts and feel more alive.

Day 5: No change but I notice my endurance got better and awareness too.

Day 6: More focus when doing punches and kicks. More focus on plyrometrics exercises.

Day 7: Nothing change just feel a bit better and relax

Day 8: Wasn't that tense doing my kicks and punches. I felt kind of loose after my workout sessions.

Day 9: Begining to breath a little easier and
notice that my endurance is getting better.

Day 10: Last day of meditation. Change my meditation a bit because wanting to see if I get a diffrent reaction. Now focusing on myself looking deep in myself.

Result from my test it show that there was some improvement in my training mainly on focus and power in my hits. Encurance improve.

Conclusion: Meditation is calming thing to do and everybody should do it. It could eliminate road rage. Even though we just found out recently the benifits of meditation we still don't know everything. Who knows. One day the answers for tumors in the brain and cancer might be Meditation.

#129522 - 02/15/05 03:00 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #1

The Article Website:

Ever wonder if we can find life on other planets? In our modern world we have the technology to this. Well technically. The article that I was reading was N.A.S.A sending a machine to Mars.

The machine is called Mars Organic Analyzer or Moa for short. What it does it could detect “Life”. What I mean about life is that it could detect amino acids to the trillionth. Its going to be launch in 2009 to Mars.

Alison M. Skelley of the University of California at Berkeley and her colleagues design this machine and test it.
Hopefully answering the question is there life on Mars?

My thoughts about this is that its amazing that we can detect such small compounds but in the same time it kind of ridiculus. Well if we do find some amino acids there what would that mean. Like who would care really. In the newspaper we read “Scientist found amino acids on Mars”. Would you actually care if we did?
I find it a waste of money and time. Why don’t we create life I think. Like Mars has water. Why don’t we make Mars another “Earth”. All we really need is Some Carbon Dioxide gases and there you made yourself a new place to live.
Really we could use this money on something else. Like finding amino acids is okay and all but really. People in the 1930’s though we would be living on the moon or on Mars.

#129523 - 02/15/05 03:35 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #2

The Article Website:

This article is related to Global warming. It talks about Spain where 11.5 percent of Europe’s economy comes from tourism there. But scientist say that maybe at the end of this century the beaches will become deserts.

Because of global warming Europe’s temperature has risen 1.5 degrees over the last 100 years. Scientist say that the worst case scenario is that the temperature could be 50 degrees celcius. That’s right 50 degrees celcuis. Water ways could rise up to 4 to 27 inches. Winter will be 4 degrees warmer.

Higher temperatures will also alter natural ecosystems to wildlife. Spain is home to rare species including lynx and bear as well as flocks of migrating birds they could be extinct because of the hot weather.

My thoughts is that we should do something about this soon or the next generation could be in a really big problem. Imagine living in spain and on the radio you hear the weather and its 50 degrees out their. That is jus crazy. Well I still can’t belive that there are some governments and countries that neglect the fact that global warming is a real thing. We should do something soon cause are world is going to be very diffrent if we don't........

#129524 - 02/15/05 03:58 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #3

The Article Website:

This article is related to reusable energy. It talks about how New York could get its energy. Waves come in everyday. We can get lots of energy form this source. Marine activate say that the turbines will harm the fish and other marine life. Other people say it would not harm any marine like because they say that the turbine blades are dull and move slowly.
However, to tap that power they first must learn how to use it. This kind of renewable energy is still being develop but the government is thinking of using this energy.
Ocean Power Delivery Ltd in the Scottish Orkneys successfully provided power to 500 homes through Scottish Power.
Scotland has invested millions of dollars into this project. The USA however hasn’t put any money into this. This May, Verdant Power is scheduled to place as many as six underwater turbines on the bottom of New York City's East River to supply power to a food market on Roosevelt Island in the river.
The company wants to install 200 to 300 turbines in the east river.
The city of San Fransico also wants to use this Marine power source. It's looking at clean power as an option to replace two old power stations fired by natural gas.

My thoughts on this is that its great. Another way of getting energy without using fossil fuels. At least it’s a step to clear and better way for get energy………..

[This message has been edited by Inuyasha (edited 02-15-2005).]

#129525 - 02/15/05 04:17 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #4

The Article Website:

When I was on yahoo I stumble upon this article. It talks about Human cloning and what should the U.N do. Put a world wide ban on human cloning?

President Bush was trying to push for a ban. Spain and France are also pushing for a worldwide ban. Medical scientist say that they are using embryonic cloning to use it to replace cells or limbs off a person. Then what is ever left of the embryo they will just throw out.

The church oppose this calling it murder and bad because no matter the case is that they are killing a human life. The U.N is hoping to gather all 191 Dilpomates and draw up a treaty to prevent cloning.

I think what we should do is really make a ban because think about the morals about it. We trying to be God? Think about the negative sides of cloning. We can make clone armys and others.

The good things about clones is that we can replace a limb now and cells. Makes you thkink that only 30 years ago that cloning was just a fantasy but now is so very close to reality….

#129526 - 02/15/05 04:46 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #5

The Article Website:

Teleportation. Like in the movie Star Trek. In this article, it talks about teleportation and its uses. It also talks about how we cannot use it. The procedure is that we split the person in to many tiny pieces but rearranging them back together is difficult and theirs nothing on the earth to do this.

There is a problem about this too. The informational process in the technology takes much more time than one-thousandth seconds, which keep the connection between the point of disembodiment and the point of reconstruction. Meaning it take one thousandth seconds to connect from point A to point B leaving no time reassemble the person or the object.

If we can only delay this process we can use teleportation right now…

I feel great about this and now we have an ideal to use teleportation. I think give this subject 12 more years and we might be using teleportation often.

#129527 - 02/17/05 04:59 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #6


This article explains on a new fossil that was discovered by Brazilian Paleontologist. The new fossil was unknown dinosaur creature not yet describe. They called it Uberabasuchus.

They say that Uberabasuchus lived 70 million years ago. It was smaller then the crocodiles and alligators of today. Measure around 10 feet and weight about 650 pounds. The surprising thing about it that the fossil is perfectly preserve. About 85 percent of it is still intact.

They have found similar fossils like this in Africa and in Antarctica. Possibly these fossils are the same. Even though the similarities between the Uberabasuchus and the alligator and crocodiles, they are not related.

The scientists say that the Uberabasuchus is mostly related to the Brontosaurus who lived around 230 million years ago. Scientist fined this fossil unusual because it is not like any dinosaur fossil.

The fossils give a better out look on how was earth when all the contintints were together.

Interesting to find something that could help us better shape are past and what was it. At least this thing isn’t alive or else we might have more reasons to be worried about when we swim.

#129528 - 02/17/05 05:30 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #8


This article talks about black holes. They finally discovered that they do have a limit. They made this theory up that explains how black holes are formed and galaxies are made. They say that early in the universe there was this Mega massive black hole that ate everything but when there wasn’t anything else to consume it shrink and grew smaller leaving dust and ultimately they form a star just like are sun.

Interesting, they found that black holes just don’t consume everything in just one bite. They just have meals like taking small portions at a time. Scientist in Hawaii are looking at a black hole that is 19 to 12 billion light years away.

Scientist found that usually black holes are average 100 million sun’s put together.

Sounds good that Scientist found out that black holes have limits. Or they might swallow the whole universe along with us. Kind of interesting that black holes eat small portions at a time. I always think that they just ate everything in site.

[This message has been edited by Inuyasha (edited 02-17-2005).]

#129529 - 02/17/05 08:18 PM Re: Don't Mind This.

Article #9

This article talks about black holes. Specifically light and refraction. They talk about black holes could change light into a negative refraction. If this is true, the way we think about physics will change.

Akhlesh Lakhtakia, a mathematician at Pennsylvania State University where he study and research black holes and how they rotate. He says that we should re-check are calculations on black holes and such other huge stellar bodies.
Usually the theory in physics is that “When light crosses a boundary, it is bent in a characteristic way; this is why an oar dipped in water looks as though the submerged part is angled towards the surface.”

However, Scientists in recent years have found that some artificial materials bend light in the opposite way.
Matthias Bartelmann, an astrophysicist at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, describes Mackay and Lakhtakia's paper as very interesting. "But I'm in doubt as to the astronomical relevance." Matthias Bartelmann says that this would be isolated in few areas in space and the gravitational force has to be very strong.

Kind of ironic to find this article. Just yesterday, you teach us the equation and now I have proof that this can make that same equation wrong. I feel a little excited because this could mean a new ideas in the physic world.

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