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#129128 - 11/12/04 08:56 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

I have several favorite martial arts films:
Jet Li's "The One"-because of the multiverses and the cool martial arts scene
Jet Li's "Romeo must Die"-cool martial arts scene
Jackie Chan's "Jackie Chan's First Strike"-funny and great martial arts scene
Jackie Chan's "The Medallion"-funny and really fast martial arts scene
Jackie Chan's "Rush Hour"-funny
Don Wilson's "Bloodfist III"-action packed
Ralph Macchio's "The Karate Kid"-inspiring
Paolo Montalban's "Mortal Kombat:Konquest" (TV Series)-action packed
Frankie Muniz's "Agent Cody Banks"-funny, romantic, espionage
Chow Yun Fat's "Bulletproof Monk"-action packed
Chow Yun Fat's "Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon"

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#129129 - 12/02/04 10:09 AM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

Judo genius !Forever!My first film!

#129130 - 12/02/04 11:42 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

No particular order, either...

1) Kung Pow: Enter the Fist -- I refused to see it...looked terrible in the previews. Roommate had a free rental, we got and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd seen since UHF...and that's saying something. Loved it.

2) Chinese Connection -- So he has a strange obsession with his teacher. But at least he can kick butt...what's up with those pesky Karate guys always causing trouble?

3) Kiss of the Dragon -- So it had Bridgett Fonda...the killer fight scenes make up for it. Saw it in theaters twice.

4) Karate Kid -- Got me started. Still a great movie. As a side note, I listen to everything the Cobra Kais say...True: If a man can't see, he can't fight, if a man can't breath he can't fight, and if a man can't stand, he can't fight. Honor, schmonor...mercy *is* for the weak.

5) Beverly Hills Ninja -- Come on, how can you not laugh when Chris Farely says, "I am Haru."

6) Bloodsport -- Back-to-back fight scenes without much of that pesky acting. Wow, sounds like a porno movie...with a bad montage half-way through. Hey, it's not as bad as Kickboxer...and all the other movies Van Damme did. And even if it was unintentional, it was funny.


#129131 - 12/03/04 10:46 AM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?
Alejandro Offline

Registered: 05/02/02
Posts: 940
Loc: Las Cruces, NM USA

-Police Story
Craziest stunts, some of his fastest and most intense fights; he was in his prime!

Great for same reasons; later than Police Story (Its actually police story 3), so his fight dynamics were beginning to change.

-The Legend of Drunken Master
Perhaps the best; some of the best group fights ever.

-Wheels on Meals/Dragon Forever
Both low budget, corny, and hard to find, but both (especially W on M) have and AMAZING fight between Jackie and Benny Urquidez. Easily the best one-on-one fight EVER! No wires, just inhuman craziness! Both also have Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, and altogether they have great chemistry.

Jet LI:

-Fist of Legend
Arguably his best

-Once Upon in China
Actually an interesting story, great fights. Gotta love Yuen Biao as well!


-Enter the Dragon
-Only the Strong
-Best of the Best

I love all Kurosawa films, especially the Seven Samurai (which I recently saw)

Who has seen "Ran"? Apparently its an adaptation of King Lear, and looks phenomenal; I intend to check it out.


#129132 - 12/03/04 09:56 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

I love Samurai Fiction! did anyone else see that movie? I have not seen it posted at all!

#129133 - 12/07/04 08:56 AM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

I agree most Chuck Norris movies were bad but I loved Lone Wolf McQuade. The Billy Jack movies made me want to take this leg and kick that side of your face because there wasn't a damn thing you could do about it. Enter the Dragon--classic. Karate Kid I and II (didn't see III) had great life lessons. Mortal Kombat and The One were great sci-fi escapism. Especially like all those Samurai movies (IFC runs them every Saturday). And all time fave is Red Sun with Toshiro Mifune and Charles Bronson; cowboys, indians and samurai--Good Stuff!

#129134 - 12/09/04 01:51 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

In no order-

The One- a little cheesy, but some great moments

Enter the Dragon- arguably the best MA movie ever made. "When death comes I won't even notice. I'll be to busy looking good."

Hero- It's artistic and the fight scenes are beautiful, if nothing else.

Seven Samurai- duh

The Legend of the Drunken master- Good action sequences, like most of Chan's stuff.

Last Samurai- For philosophy and metaphor for dying traditions.

The Chinese Connection- One of the best endings I've ever seen, and the fights in the dojo are BA.

Cowboy Bebop- Best hand-to-hand I've seen in animated work.

#129135 - 12/10/04 08:10 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

To me Parodical(spelling????)Son is a good one by Jet Li. Somewhat blody. The fights seem good and even contain some humor and basic training. I'd liked it, but I dont aonyone has heard of it. Can be found at Video City In U.S. Not sure of other locations.

#129136 - 12/23/04 05:59 PM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

My favorite Martial Art film is Dragon the Bruce Lee Story staring Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee while going through the Life of Bruce Lee I think it showed a remarkable showcase of martial arts, and I especially liked the way Jason Scott Lee learned Jeet Kune Do just for the role and the martial artist he fought, even know the movie is not jammed pack with action because it is not a action film it is more of a documentry it's fight scenes are nicely done and the film made me appreciate the life of Bruce Lee even more, if u chose to buy the movie buy the Dvd it haves comentary from linda Lee (Bruce Lee's Wife) about him, pictures of Bruce, cometary from the director on the concept of the movie and the way his story was expressed on film, this movie is a classic so be sure to check it out

#129137 - 01/01/05 12:22 AM Re: My favorate martial arts film is?

I guess you guys are messing something lol




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