BOOK REVIEW OF RED MIST the new novel from Geoff Thompson

By Steve Rowe

Geoff came down to Ottakers book store in my home town of Chatham for a book signing, so I took the opportunity to pop over and say hello, get a signed copy of his new book “Red Mist” and promised to do an independent review of it for MAI.

As it happens, I was travelling to Denmark the following week for a course, so I took the opportunity to read it in one hit whilst I was travelling. I arrived at Gatwick airport at around 2.30pm for a flight scheduled at 6.45pm so I found a comfy chair, a cup of Starbucks best cappuccino and began….

I must have flown from Gatwick to Billund and caught the connecting flight to Aalborg because when I finished and put the book down I was close to landing! My Martial Arts awareness must have eluded me as I queued, checked in, boarded, took off, landed, and caught the connecting flight, book in hand and on autopilot!

The book is a good holiday read. I felt it was the book of the film and if the film hasn’t been made yet, I’m sure it soon will be. Geoff is a charismatic writer and has a humorous and inventive turn of phrase for all his characters and situations; the plot is a chase from beginning to end with unadulterated violence and expletives littered all the way through.

It is not for the faint hearted, but is normal language and familiar training scenario’s for most self defence orientated Martial Artists. Without giving the plot away, there’s love, violence, gangsters, drugs and a whirlwind chase, building up to a crescendo.

Geoff also manages to weave in to the plot his practical information know-how on dealing with fear, his pre fight and fight strategies and life philosophies. It is fiction, but you can’t help feeling that there is much of Geoff’s personal anguish from his life prior to meeting Sharon and his dramatic personal development, contained within the pages.

It’s a good read.