Kodansha Press has just issued a new translation of Funakoshi Ginchin's 2nd book "Karate Jutsu" translated by Joh Teramoto.

In my opinion this is a better translation than Master's To-Te Jutsu (the same work).

This work covers Funakoshi Sensei's first attempt at explaining Karate to the Japanese. The text was the same as his first work 'RyuKyu Kempo Karate' (published in 1922) but in this book he replaced the original line drawings with photographs.

It gives us a chance to see the first modern text on Okinawan karate, especially the karate Funakoshi Sensei originally taught, before the later developments of Shotokan and the JKA.

For the Bubushi historians, it has an additional benefit for the three sections of the Bubushi which were included in all of Master Funakoshi's works but not translated for the Japanese (or the English speaking readers of the translations). The translations most closely relate to the Alexander and Penland translation of the Bubushi, too.

The inclusion of the Bubushi material in Funakoshi's works (as well in Mabuni Kenwa's 2nd work on Seipai Kata) are the first notice the outside world had of the book's existence.

I believe if you have an interest to see how the older Okinawan version of karate was presented by Funakoshi Ginchin, you will find this a fascinating reference.

Victor Smith
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