Historians, Researchers & Shotokan enthusiasts alike,

Our latest publication, "Karatedo Tanpenshu", a compilation & English
translation of short stories by Funakoshi Gichin is now ready for

The publication is a comprehensive Japanese to English translation of
Funakoshi Gichin's early writings, dating back as far as 1914. This
all new publication is enhanced by nearly firty pages of old, rare &
important historical photos, previously untranslated calligraphy,
Master Funakoshi's use of the Bubishi, the never-before published (in
English) 1921 Sasaki Gogai article recommended by Master Funakoshi
(in his 1922 publication entitled, "Ryukyu Kenpo Karate-jutsu,") the
original writings and English translations of Itosu Ankoh and Bushi Matsumura's work, and insightful commentary and research by notable British historian, Mr. Graham Noble. An illuminating work, "Tanpenshu" (Short Stories) is an important historical document
and a valuable edition to the bookshelves of all researchers, historians and Shotokan stylists.

Society members $29.95. Non-Society members $39.95. Prices are in USD
and include shipping by airmail. (For Australia/NZ readers, $29.95
USD @ 0.501% exchange rate = $59 AUD)

To order please send your name, address (including country & postal
code) credit card (Visa/MC) details (name, "as it appears on your
card," card type, number & expiry date) to PO Box 420 Virginia 4014
Australia or by emailing me c/o bujin @ bigpond.com

Because of the preposterous charges Australian banks levy on
negotiating foreign drafts, we no can longer accept cheques.


Patrick McCarthy

"The translation of his early work, the rare photos, Funakoshi's use
of the Bubishi and regard for kobudo, his kata application, and the
1914 & 1921 articles simply make this publication one of the most
important books to ever be published. I especially enjoyed this book
because it focuses more on what the Master said about issues rather
than what others said about him. Because of the time frames provided,
this book also fills in many gaps about Master Funakoshi's life that
have been difficult to obtain in the past. Having read, and reread
this book, I went away with new and important insights into Funakoshi
Gichin, the man. In doing so, I am also able to better appreciate
what he originally intended when introducing this wonderful art."
Pat Zalewski 5th dan
Yoshikan (Shotokan) Karate Association