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first off i would like to say that since reading this forum i have gained a great deal of respect not only to Akido but for all MA. a little about myself i'm 5'5 145 male and a police officer i'm looking to get into MA my parnter is into Judo and swears by it to be best for are line of work but after reading about Akido i believe that akido is more practical on the bases of not harmimg your enemy which means no brutality law suit i dael with fighting situation on the street alot (or trying to not) so would Akido be the MA for me any feedback will be welcome and thanks for all the people that post info it makes it very easy for people like me to get the right scoop on MA[/QUOTE]

I've studied a lot of martial arts and I've been a police officer for 20 years. I have used aikido type techniques to subdue resisting suspects. However, I have also relied on judo type throws to take people down. My favorite take downs are osoto gari and the quick take arm bar. Sometimes I grab them from behind and pull them backwards. I've only taken formal aikido for about 4 months and I had some concerns about some of the techniques that I believe could be easily countered. However, Aikido does have a place in police work.