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#126823 - 11/05/03 02:09 AM Re: Aiki groundwork
Cato Offline

Registered: 10/13/02
Posts: 1636
Not really Chris, we're having too much fun here [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

senseilou, I'm interested in what everyone has to say, seniors or juniors. I don't dismiss what a junior has to say because I think I'm better than they are, although I know some people do. Similarly, I don't necessarily believe everything I'm told by a senior just because s/he is my senior. Unlike your apparent view on it, I think they are just people who happen to be good at, and quite knowledgable about MA, not demi-gods with the power to tell me what to think and when to think it. Their opinions are their opinions. Ask five "experts" on anything the same question and you'll probably get five different answers. Everyone sees things according to their own agenda, you and I are just the same. To unconditionally believe all that someone tells you simply because they are your senior is plainly stupid. You can respect someone without idolising them, and I don't go in for all this MA hero worship. I also respect myself and think for myself. If that is bad then I'm a bad person. [IMG][/IMG]

All of the sensei I have worked with are very good at what they do, yet most if not all will have less practical experience of using their art than I do. Why should I ignore my own experiences in favour of their "wisdom" ? Should I accept that they know all there is to know about their subject, or should I consider them as being further along the path than me, but still not infallible? I can learn from them, and I can (should?) also legitimately question their teachings and form my own opinion. That is what the MA are all about: growing as a person and not living in the shadow of other people.

3 masters, 3 different opinions. What does that tell us [IMG][/IMG]


[This message has been edited by Cato (edited 11-05-2003).]

[This message has been edited by Cato (edited 11-05-2003).]

#126824 - 10/14/04 04:33 PM Re: Aiki groundwork

A lable is meaningless out of context. I call what I breathe air. If there is a different word for in in China, then they should not get to claim when I breathe isn't air - but their word for the same thing.

I do agree that aiki is deeper than what many people are thinking of harmony + energy. The surface level understandind probably exists many places. The deeper understanding probably exists in really great karate men like Hwang Kee - but it is extremely rare.

I generally like what senseilou has to say, but in this case, I like Cato's point about taking opinions from both seniors and juniors and judging for yourself.

In a forum there is no rank - by definition. The fact that someone (who generally has a lot of good things to say) calls himself sensei anything in a forum is an unforunate mistake. It lends credibility to Cato's arguement that senseilou seems to think that higher rank should be listened to more than lower rank. In my opinion, this is a misunderstanding of the Japanese Sempai-Kohai system which is founded on the concept of the wa - keeping the peace, interpersonally, within yourself, the peace of the room, and globaly. This is what aikido is about to me. In a forum, if someone picks on other people, then watch out - you are now open yourself. This is not a dojo. You have no rank here. Everyone's opinion is ranked the same excpet that you do get more respect in a forum by consistently posting useful information.

As far as aiki coming from China - maybe 1/3. But then didn't they get martial movements from India? The original sword work done by the Japanese is unique to that people and that should get 1/3 credit as well. The last 1/3 has to go to O-sensei's study of the kotodama. This is purely Japanese. Now here is the kicker, it seems that the Japanese race came from Korea according to the latest DNA evidence... So what does that mean?! (It means the term honjin - orignal man is not necessarily the best description!)

I always get a kick out of the fact that every asian I met in America who ever watched one of my aikido classes came up to me and told me that their race invented martial arts! I suppose, to some extent they must be right.

I really don't know anyting about kempo other than it is very efective - and if the teacher is not very humble it tends to create dangerous punk kids.

I can say that I've been teachign aikido for over 10 years now, and I still don't like the term sensei and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I think the proper term for me would be fuku shioduen (sp?) but I'm not up on those kind of specifics...


#126825 - 10/15/04 10:40 AM Re: Aiki groundwork

[QUOTE]Originally posted by nekogami13:
aikido is modified jujitsu. The locks and throws are basicly the same.[/QUOTE]

I think either you have only experienced very low level aikido and/or I must have only experienced very low level jujitsu. Where can I go se the jujitsu you are talking about? If I am in the area smoeday, I would like to make it a point to stop by.

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