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#125287 - 08/15/00 07:29 PM Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Bronx Offline

Registered: 08/15/00
Posts: 6
Loc: Bronx, NY
I have seen some aikido down in New York City and it looks less than effective to me. Everyone seem to cooperate and go slowly and the techniques don't seem like they would really work. It looks great, might be great exercise and a wonder spiritual discipline, but self-defense I wonder?

#125288 - 08/22/00 05:56 PM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
shinjin Offline

Registered: 07/28/00
Posts: 30
Loc: Lake Charles, LA, USA
Sure it is! Just because you are seeing a classroom setting where people are cooperative doesn't mean Aikido isn't combat effective. Perhaps you just haven't hit the right dojo. If these guys are to sedate try some more aggressive dojos. There are some that will scare the hell out of you with their intensity and you may end up re-thinking your problem with cooperative Uke's.

#125289 - 08/28/00 10:01 AM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
aikido Offline

Registered: 08/28/00
Posts: 2
Loc: houston, tx
I agree, like in any Martial Art, it is the instructor who creates the atmosphere in the dojo, if you are looking for an art that is effective in the street for self-defense then focus more on finding an instructor that teaches the art in that aspect. Some instructors are more interested in the spiritual aspects of Aikido, some more into Aiki-Jutsu.

#125290 - 12/15/00 01:40 AM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Chuck Offline

Registered: 12/14/00
Posts: 4
Loc: New York, NY, USA
My opinion is that once you are a recognized beginner (in aikido beginner = shodan) then you can start to practice aikido. Up until then, you are practicing techniques that illustrate the core principles in aikido.

So as far as judging a dojo by the instructor, be sure your eyes are keen enough to discern the difference between aikido exercises and aikido techniques. I doubt you'll know the difference at first.

Consider this: Would you want a dojo to teach dan level techniques to newbies who haven't grasped the principles? Beginners can't take the ukemi. A good teacher reaches everyone in the class. That may mean a class in the basics.

I guess my point is that aikido isn't always soft. The priniciples take a while to learn. Atemi is a huge part of it. Timing is a huge part of everything. Once you have them you can then train full on. After 5 years your ukemi should be good enough to take it. Then you can dish it out as well.

So I don't think sitting in on one class will answer the question whether aikido is street effective or not. Try it and see if it speaks to you.


#125291 - 12/20/00 01:27 PM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Amos Smith Offline

Registered: 12/19/00
Posts: 134
Loc: Wisconsin
Another thing to consider when viewing Aiki techniques, is something my sensei told me with regard to living to practice another day. "It is important to stay ahead of the technique as uke." This may look like cooporation from the outside, when it is in fact survival. A new student getting a grasp on a technique is unlikely to get it right, however, the possibility exists that they may just do it right by mistake...the result of which is uke getting crushed if they are not escaping properly...and this also helps nage to figure out what the technique looks like when done properly.

As to Aikido being effective on the street...if you are in a situation where your opponent understands the technique you are using, they have an opening and may counter you, or at least know which way to fall to live through it. Without this knowledge however, even the basic aiki techniques done with marginal proficiency will may not be pretty, but it will do.

Beyond that, there is another matter to consider when judging the effectiveness of a technique or art form in a comparitive way. There are many styles and techniques that can be used to win in battle...all of which require the heart to do so. The heart of the warrior always take precedence over the art of the warrior.



#125292 - 01/24/01 01:53 PM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX

Well said. I have been on the receiving end of a kote-gaeshi(sp?) and later wished that I had been more accepting of the tecnique. The same can be said of any style. I practice Kyusho/Tuite Jitsu and have used it on a few occasions to defend myself, but others in our organization have problems making the techniqes work in class.

Its not the size of the dog in fight...but the size of the fight in the dog!


#125293 - 02/25/01 01:45 PM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
Ohayo gozaimas'Shinjin
Where are these more agressive schools located,I like hard core schools .Or are there any videos available to see these combatants at work.
I'd appreciate any info, thankyou.
Your Brother in the Arts [IMG][/IMG]

#125294 - 04/16/01 09:51 AM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Arnet Hales Offline

Registered: 04/16/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Port Hardy, B.C.
One must remember that the founder stated theat "the principle object of aikido is to build a paradise on earth by making friends..." Those who would seek to find in aikido a method of self defense have to consider deeply the real purpose behind the art.



#125295 - 04/25/01 10:22 PM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
Trying to build a paridise on earth utilizing a Martial Art,is just like when we were fighting in Nam for peace.
Your Brother in the Arts

#125296 - 09/04/01 08:23 AM Re: Don't think aikido is effective self-defense
KendokaGirl Offline

Registered: 09/04/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Barnegat, NJ, US
It most definately depends on the teacher! My instructor is a genius at aikido, fighting anarmed and w/katana. He is a master, though he refuses to admit it. But he scares me sometimes because he is just that good. But he has been teaching me to be strong and not afraid. Which is hard because aikido has this way of wearing you out and exhausting you to the point of wanting to give up. It is painful but part of life is learning to live with your pain and being survivor. That is what's trying to be taught. I think that aikido is a very effective form of self defense as well an effective spiritual method. I feel much stronger as a person as well as just physically.

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