1CD/5$ Buy or Exchange

The goods above are only in exchange. If interested in them, you can get one / some of them with equivalents.

Kindly know I have kinds of martial art(Chinese Arts¡¢TAEKWONDO¡¢KARATEDO¡¢Jiu-Jitsu¡­¡­) data(CD).You can use Taekwondo shoes,Do Bok(Uniform) or other related substances of martial art to exchange.
TKD Shoes, Do Bok(Uniform) article must not have been used . Other goods such as train implements (e.g.: TAEKWONDO or other Martial Arts) and the souvenir can be second hand.But can not be too outmoded.Must not have the scars which will do trouble for using or the holistic appearance. Pls adjust your price of your second hand articles.
Do Bok(Uniform): Pls fit the stature(165-175cm)
My feet size: (KOR-260mm)(US-7 1/2)(UK-6 1/2)(FR-40). I will accept other sizes.
If you want to cooperate with me. Pls supply the pictures and introductions of the exchage articles to me.
Declaration: The transport fee should be beared by both sides.

Contact me in the ways below if you have any questions.
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