Hi -
Sorry for cross posting this onto 2 forums - think I put it in the wrong place

just wondering if anyone can help me.
I've recently moved to Hong Kong and am really struggling to find an ITF taekwon do school. I am inexperienced but desperately want to continue training. I would prefer to stick with ITF at the moment because I have only recently started and want to get OK at that first.
I've done some websearches and found quite a few places that could be useful (including the Hong Kong ITF association) but none of them seem to reply to emails or pick up the phone. Not sure if this is an English problem, though most people speak excellent English.
I read a few Chinese characters and have found some clubs which I know train on particular night and at particular times - but I can't read the addresses so I can't turn up!
I speak no Cantonese (only poor Mandarin) so I'd like to find an English speaking class, though I am up for a challenge.
Is there anyone on the forum who lives in/or has lived in Hong Kong who can help me? I love this city and I love taekwon do - please help make me very happy!!