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#123093 - 01/21/05 07:24 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

[QUOTE]Originally posted by MasterTravis:
I agree. I probably said a few things I shouldn't have, I should've just ignored pyungshin, which is what I shall do.[/QUOTE]

To date, you have not displayed an ability to do so. Gambatte!

#123094 - 03/24/05 07:58 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

damn good question. but lets do it this way: a dog and a wolf are different, dogs- domestic and wolf, well, wild. But all in all, they're basically canine. So taekwondo and karate is a bit like that, and General Choi also borrowed techniques from Shotokan Karate to put into ITF taekwondo. So its basically the same so what is to argue about that "my art is better than yours"

#123095 - 03/27/05 02:35 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Neo:
Hi Everyone,

First of all let me wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Secondly, I know nothing about Martial arts, though I would like to go for Tae Kwan do.
Would you guys care to explain the difference between Tae Kwon Do and Karate or with any other Martial arts.
Or why is it better for me to go for tae kwan do? .. I don't know how to sum up my question but here:
Which one of em' ( M A; ie, tae kwando, karate, judo , jujitso, kung fu etc...) is the best to go for?

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!

well this topic is very long, and i cant read all of it, and i appologize if this has been stated before, but my previous Tae kwon do instructor told me that a plain and simple difference is that in Tae Kwon do, you focus more on kicks than you do punches

In Karate, they focus on Punches more than they do on their Kicks, thats a basic example of the diff. hopefully that helped

#123096 - 03/27/05 12:30 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

I do not believe that one art can dominate over another. Each, in their own right, has its advantages.

Now, anyone who keeps track of what I write, knows that I just joined a TKD dojang. All can agree that I know nothing of the origins. I do know, however, that they are very similar. Some just focus on different aspects of the fighting world. One is ground oriented, another will mainly do punches, another will focus on kicks, etc...etc...

The main point is this...they all can be used in a deadly manner. I've seen a 4th degree black belt in TKD kick a guy who was bigger than him. Now, the guy was holding a body shield and when the 4th kicked, the force sent the shield holder back 6 feet. Now, the guy was most certainly ready for the kick, but I guess not "that" ready.

Basically, what I am saying is this:
It doesn't matter what MA you pursue, it is what you do to hone it and the dedication you have towards it that makes you lethal in a combative situation. Most of the fights that I have seen are with a few people who have no clue about fighting. I always stand back and witness these things when they do happen, I don't interfere. Well I'd see at least one guy conducting himself like he knew what he was doing...yet when the punch was thrown, he did not know the first thing about punching correctly.

I know this is nowhere in relation to the discussion at hand. I apologize for that, but I just felt like sharing that. I do know that all martial arts are 100% alike. All use kicks, throws, punches, blocks, and such to bring an opponent down. All can be lethal when someone uses it for offense instead of defense. How one stands, how the punch or kick is delivered, how the block is thrown, etc...that is what makes them different. Some arts focus using elbows and knees, while others prefer distance fighting using mainly kicks. They are all great to study.

Personally I like TKD. The TKD dojang I go to really focuses on old school TKD...not the "sport" side. Point kicks are something you do not here at this school. I love it, and I'd recommend it to anyone. At the same token, I'd also recommend sitting in a few classes, and see which style you believe is best for you. Honestly, I didn't know what style would be best for me. The school had a wonderful atmosphere, and everyone was helping everyone. That is what matters when you are first starting out. Once you get the basics down, and hit around green belt, you really are getting an idea about what you want in MA. Still, in my TKD school, you only START sparring when you hit green. So, in that sense, you'd still have to stick with the MA for a while longer. After about a year or so of training in a MA, you can tell if this is the style you want. By then you have a great idea, and can go from one dojang to another, with an excellent idea of the type of fighting you want.

Go with what feels best...that is the best advice I know of.

#123097 - 03/27/05 03:53 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

i'd say go with karate, traditional preferably, if you want to be better prepared for street fights. tkd looks cool and all, but as they've said before it's mostly for competitions, and won't help too much on street. but i'd suggest learn both, and just combine them to your own comfortable style, then learn other M.A. and just add those too, and come up with your own style. combing m.a. is just much better, cause it can cover many areas that one specific m.a. won't.

#123098 - 03/27/05 04:02 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

[QUOTE]Originally posted by cobra:
i'd say go with karate, traditional preferably, if you want to be better prepared for street fights. tkd looks cool and all, but as they've said before it's mostly for competitions, and won't help too much on street. but i'd suggest learn both, and just combine them to your own comfortable style, then learn other M.A. and just add those too, and come up with your own style. combing m.a. is just much better, cause it can cover many areas that one specific m.a. won't. [/QUOTE]

I 100% agree. Always approach MA with an open mind. Never limit yourself to just 1 style.

That is my goal. TKD...and who knows where I will move from here...but I will go somewhere and learn something else. I'm sticking with just TKD until I make Black Belt. After black belt, I may migrate to another MA.

#123099 - 03/29/05 12:02 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate
xxjinhyungxx Offline

Registered: 03/31/04
Posts: 41
wow i've been reading so much stupid crap about "WTF" lieing about the history of taekwondo?
1st off to start, if you think that TKD copied KARATE only because of the fact that TKD was introduced after WW2. then you are sadly mistaken. the fact that japanese forces took over and occupied korea resulted in korea's struggles to keep thier national heritage. peoples names had to be japanese, they had to write japanese or get tortured, were looked down upon, and indeed TKD or any other "korean" festivity/activity/martial art was forbidden. and if practiced and caught, would result in deadly torture and often death. TKD relates to taekyon very much, in fact TKD's basic roots are Taekyon, just like English comes from Latin. same thing. if you know anything about TKD and history, you would know that Taekyon is a martial art just as old as Kung Fu. except when Taekyon was made and being spread across the Korean peninsula, like how the japanese controlled the korean peninsula during the WW2 era for 36 years, the Chinese were controlling Korea in a mutual agreement. and as a result, China would not permit the Koreans to introduce a martial art of their own into neighboring countries for "glory" and "fame". anyways getting back onto the subject. Taekyon --> TKD. i doubt 1/2 the ppl the denied that TKD came from Taekyon and instead came from KARATE knows what Taekyon even looks like. if you've studied the style and are familiar with it, you would immediately recognize the quick agility and grace that are common in both Taekyon and TKD. and even Karate's beloved master, Masutatsu Oyama, is a south korean by the nickname of "ChoiBaeDal" (realname: ChoiYongEui). and like i said, if you even know who he is based on asian websites (which yes are in fact more valid than american fan sites about Masutatsu Oyama), you would know that he was a Korean that studied taekyon and moved to japan. the only reason why he is credited for "Kyokushin Karate" is the fact that if he were to be in japan showing a korean martial art with a korean name, he would never have customers, people would hate on him (racism of koreavsjapan is bigger than it is now), and he would never have been recognized as a great martial artists. and as a result, he had to learn japanese, had to change his name from ChoiYoungEui to MasutatsuOyama, and instead of being credited for creating an "Ultimate(MartialArt of) Taekyon", because of many years in taking the japanese martial art of Karate, he was credited for "Ultimate(MartialArt of) Karate". even in his documentary made in JAPAN(see the japanese people love him and would obviously be a more credible source than a korean(racism) or some american) said that he taught his japanese students in the same vigor and strength that he was taught in TAEKYON (NOT KARATE). the man was truly korean and truly a lover of TAEKYON, he fed his students korean food all the time while he lived in japan, not japanese food (again this is in the documentary film).

as for the general "Karate VS TKD" the difference in styles. is not "they are the same and they incorporate the same things as kungfu, etc, etc," its that TKD incorporates many things that Taekyon does and in fact it has emphasized even more on kicks, and has the greatest "move list" of kicks than any other martial art. while Karate's movements differ than that of TKD by a crap load. look at their poomse/kata its completely different, in addition to block patterns and different sequences in blocking. and also their whole "emphasis" behind kicking is different. if you've seen anyone GOOD (not some stupid guy who thinks they are good bragging on the internet like a retard how awsome their knockout with a roundhouse kick was) then you'll see that TKD kicks emphasize on hip twisting, leg turning, and after you kick pulling your leg back quickly for a "chain combo" (you see TKD emphasizes on kicks so you gotta be able to kick over and over again really fast, and obviously pulling your leg back after kicking your target allows you to continue on a streak faster). while Karate kicks do not emphasize on pulling your kicks back after hitting your target, and their kick rotation is also different. while TKD kicks usually start the "snap" after the kickingleg has lifted from the ground, Karate kicks start the "rotation" for the kick when their foot is planted on the ground. (thats why tkd kicks are faster than karate kicks, you can say IT DEPENDS ON THE PERSON, all day long, but look at TKD competitions and Karate Competitions, TKD is much faster).

lastly, TKD being simply a competiton sport is the most ridiculous othing in the world. if this is the case, why is it the most taught martial art in the whole world. the only reason why people think it is a sport is because of the Olympics. everyting in olympics is a sport, and although TKD emphasizes much on sparring and was eventually inducted to the OLympics as an official sport. so does every other martial art. does KyoKuShin Karate not sparr? does KungFu not sparr? the only difference is TKD wears padding and its on the Olympics. so the reputation of being a "pure" sport is so much greater, cuz you think "TKD = STEVEN LOPEZ" instead of the real martial art it is. TKD comes from TaeKyon and they both were created many years ago, except WTF was finally formed after dirty japs left korea, and so many people unwanting to do some reasearch just come and say IT CAME FROM KARATE CUZ AFTER JAPAN INTRODUCED KARATE AND THEY LEFT KOREA, SOME TKD COMES UP FROM KOREA. SO TKD COMES FROM KARATE. the most ridiculous thing i've heard. go see how they train TKD at korea, and u'll see its more than just a sport. only in america do they have lack of teaching and teach like as if it was a basketball/football game.

#123100 - 03/29/05 08:13 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Though I agree with much of what you said, and don't want to jump into your rant, I have to take exception to this:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by xxjinhyungxx:
only in america do they have lack of teaching and teach like as if it was a basketball/football game. [/QUOTE]

That's a HUGE (and therefore, not very accurate) generalization. Yes, there are some schools in America that fit that description, but there are also many more that teach TKD as a true MA. I'll put my training up against the legendary Koreans any day. As a matter of fact, this summer (If I can pull it off) I'll be training at Yong-In.

Oh, and for anyone who wants to dismiss TKD just because it's offered as an Olympic sport, so were Judo and Karate. So that must mean they're not true MA's....Sounds foolish doesn't it.

#123101 - 03/29/05 03:51 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate
cxt Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 5844
Loc: USA

Pretty much nonsense bro.

Oyama himself never claimed he studied Taekyon, he did however mention BY NAME the karate guys he trained with/under.

Including a Korean expert in Goju Ryu, and of course Funakoshi. As well as some others.

But no Taekyon.

#123102 - 04/01/05 02:17 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

I finally got through the 1st page & couldn't immagine going through pages 2 & 3. If I'm repeating, sue me.

My point: It never surprizes me to hear the "2000 year-old MA" myth from TKD folkes. I understand the Korean wish to expell anything Japanese in order to bolster patriotism but now the myth has taken on a life of it's own. Having been repeated generation after generation it somehow becomes "true". Koreans have been free of Japan for 60 years so why can't they let it die? I believe that it's rooted in envy. They try to be more like the Japanese in the economic/manufacturing world but are still in 2nd place(which will you buy, a Toyota/Honda or Hyundai/Kia, Sony or Samsung). I believe that Koreans have the ability to compete w/ Japanese w/o resorting to propaganda. Judo was nearly 100% dominated by Japanese but lately Koreans have been giving Japanese a run for their money. But that's not enough...they've got to call this Japanese art "Yudo" to maintain a Korean flavor. Same w/ a "Kumdo" class & try to notice any differences. See what I mean? The mature thing to do is to admit & reveal the true history (not Goose's fantacy)...Japanese freely admit that karate came from Okinawa w/ strong influences from China. I guess there are too many big ego's involved.

Thanks for the soap box.

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