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#123013 - 12/31/04 02:58 AM Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Hi Everyone,

First of all let me wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Secondly, I know nothing about Martial arts, though I would like to go for Tae Kwan do.
Would you guys care to explain the difference between Tae Kwon Do and Karate or with any other Martial arts.
Or why is it better for me to go for tae kwan do? .. I don't know how to sum up my question but here:
Which one of em' ( M A; ie, tae kwando, karate, judo , jujitso, kung fu etc...) is the best to go for?

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!

#123014 - 12/31/04 03:15 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Look at post "which ma to take" in talk forum. Me personally, I've taken both.The TKD I took focused on tournaments and neat "looking" techniques but that could be just the instructor. My current ma is Goju karate and we focus on real uses of the traditional kata. You will get different oponions from different people.
TKD is korean lots of kicks/mostly sport oriented today.
Karate is Okinawan/Japanese some are sport oriented today also but many different styles of karate focus on different things.
Good luck, I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Train til' you die.

All American Goju Karate.

#123015 - 12/31/04 03:18 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Try not to think of it as which art is best, but which art meets the goals you are setting. Tae kwon do as opposed to karate not much difference in hand methods but tae kwon do employs much more foot techniques, but then again it depends on the style and teacher. Most Jujitsu puts emphasis on ground control and Judo on throwing methods but once again it depends. The best way to go would be to sit down and evaluate what you want out of training then search for a location and instructor that offers what you need. Different arts should mesh and for self defense you need much more then hth if thats your goal.

#123016 - 12/31/04 07:23 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Thank you SANCHIN31 and AgenT for your reply. I believe my kicks are already very high, even higher then my head level with regard to straightness and accuracy plus I can do various kinds of kicks, i.e. Roundhouse Kicks, Side Kicks, Spin Kicks, Jump Kicks, Tornado Kick..

I am fast, flexible and am able to do few major tricks i.e. Kip up, Handstand, Handstand walk, flips.. but these are all the things I learned it on my own. So I am not sure where n' when would I have to use those kicks in a street fight. I am not weak nor I have personal enmity. It is because of my interest in Martial Arts. So I thought it would be a good idea to put all these abilities in use and in the same time be prepared to protect myself for a real multi opponent fight.

#123017 - 12/31/04 08:10 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Why not try MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

It covers much more than either Karate or TKD (which are essentially the same anyway).

Good luck [IMG][/IMG]

#123018 - 12/31/04 12:17 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

TKD? for way man.

Karate?....maybe the Kyokushin.I've only otherwise watched Shotokan or Wado-Ryu which I didn't think was as good....or MT

JUDO SAMBO BJJ JJ...all good

XMA?...why not just kill yourself and save someone else the energy .....

#123019 - 12/31/04 12:27 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Thank you kickcatcher and Cactusmat but Unfortunately, I have no idea about such terms. This is my very first time I hear such things lol :P and I am not sure if I can find a place where they teach these stuff.

#123020 - 12/31/04 01:41 PM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

I have to disagree on karate being the same as TKD. While they employ many of the same hand techniques karate contains kicking punching trapping grappling standup shortrange and long range takedowns,throws and groundfighting methods very similier to jujitsu and taijutsu. If you want sport go for TKD if you want self defense go with karate JUTSU not karate do as their are nothing the same in those to methods. Ones for self improvement ones for combatives. Neo street assualts are much different then what most people think. Self defense is based on simulation, no matter how close to reality the simulation is it will never simulate what a person really goes through. If you want a defense against multi opponents personally I'd use a firearm. Its best to just flat out avoid violent situations though, dont trap yourself in a situation beyond your control.

#123021 - 01/01/05 12:05 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Thank you AgenT for your wonderful advice.

#123022 - 01/01/05 09:43 AM Re: Tae Kwon Do vs Karate

Hi Neo,

TKD (for the most part) should provide a nice avenue for conditioning-particularly in leg work and cardio. However, little is stressed on progressive resistance training and grappling. Like mentioned before, TKD is mostly martial sport and will train you pretty good for other sports (football, soccer, lacrosse, etc in terms of coordintation, stamina and timeing these sports require).

It has murky history and controversy but so does boxing-but I enjoyed it tremendously while I trained in the dojang and now I semi train with manuals at home along with Kung Fu to keep flexible in my "silver years".

Give all to your martial art and it will give right back. Good luck and enjoy!

Happy New Years,

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