just wondering which of these anybody is part of, if any. It seems that most schools promote kukki won.

my thoughts in this are my own opinions based on what I have heard, but apparently Kukki Won more or less gives sheets of paper too anyone that sends in for one, and those are the people that look down their nose at those of us without a Kukki Won certificate. I went to check out some other martial arts schools once, and every head instructor was surprised that my father and I were not certified by Kukki Won.
Also, It seems to me that Kukki Won has lost all sense of tradition in Tae Kwon Do, focousing almost exclusively on the competition aspect. The USTU is pretty much the same thing, except that it is located here in the U.S.

I myself am USTW certified. the USTW is focused more on the traditional aspect of Tae Kwon Do. those certified by Kukki Won still laugh at me when I say, "No, I'm actually recognized by the USTW" but I still feel proud.

Any Thoughts?