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#122497 - 12/28/04 10:10 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

That is something we emphasize all the time. No better wake up call than a skilled grappler who can also strike, punching your face in because you can't sweep or lock him.

#122498 - 12/28/04 10:18 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

As a TKD practitioner 3 f.t. will be where all of your self defence training takes place.However!!.It would help if you could cross train in Aikido or something of the sort.Trying to counter with a Jump kick,spinning back side,hook or other Will through your balance.Plenty of time to sidestep,re-plan and be effective.P.S.I am new here!!And do not profess to expertice,just my opinions .

#122499 - 12/29/04 01:29 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

Three feet is probably the upper range in terms of distance in self defense situations. They may start there, but most will end up a bit closer.

I have reservations about Aikido as an effective self defense method. Too much fine motor skills involved with the grabbing and twisting to be reliable during adrenal dump. Aikido has roots in styles of unarmed combat for fully armoured warriors against other fully armoured warriors. In their original incarnations, these styles didn't have an adrenal dump problem. By the time you lose your weapon in a battle and have to rely on grabbing and twisting for survival, the effects of adrenal dump are long over. Another reason grabby twisty was preferred was that the opponent's armour tended to make it difficult to find many good targets for striking. Hence the idea was developed of projecting the opponent to the ground, then quickly finding a weapon before he gets up and killing him with it. Things work differently in a modern self defense situation.

#122500 - 12/29/04 03:41 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

Regarding early postings by Sunset and Subedei, I can see both points and hopefully this explains both.

Many Taekwondo schools have Hapkito blended in so it seems flawless in the training. By this I mean you are learning it all from the same instructor and for many students they are not really aware where one ends and the other starts. I think it would be hard for beginners (i.e. myself going on 2.5 years) to go to another school to learn another martial art when I haven't even learned enough from my first. I think this is what Subedei was sort of getting at. Stick with one until you are more then comfortable at applying all of its techniques before taking on another. Small steps at first and later in life when you look back it will seem like you've made great distance.

Cross training is essential, but only if you are in it for the practical use. We should not forget many people are in it for other reasons with one being fitness and cross training would not be an issue.

My school is also one that blends Taekwondo and Hapkito as well as Jujitsu. Now with my instructor taking shoot fighting this can only make us stronger. I'm lucky that I have one main instructor teaching me all that he knows as I think I would get too confused if I went to too many schools at once.

#122501 - 04/21/05 12:16 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

I know I'm a total n00b in martial arts, but can someone explain me why you can't do a jumping kick? I just started Taekwondo and they seem to be quite high, so if it's timed well I tought you could jump over the attacker if they're going for your legs.
I only followed 5 years of Judo, and if you punch a judoka in the face, they'll be practically stunned because they're not used to blocking, but then again I was a blue belt and I knew most techniques for brown belt as well and I never saw anyone grab the opponents legs, so I don't know how it looks like or how to counter it other then the other posts in this thread.

#122502 - 04/21/05 01:22 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

Strictly speaking TKD wise i've learned that doing a kiahh really loudly directed in between their eyes works wonders at making a person hesitate or pause for a split second. Now combine that with what you guys are saying about sprawling and some timing and you can get out of it.

#122503 - 04/21/05 01:47 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

Okay, im a big TKD stylist and have been in alot of fights. And i have fought lots of grapplers/ wreslters.

At my school wreslting is BIG and the caoch wanted me to stop my TKD and join wreslting, i told him NO and he said that wreslting is better. So i asked him to proove it. And he got his wreslting team toghether and asked me if i would take any one on i said "sure, what the hell I will take them all" one at a time though so after school i went to his wrestling meet and took on the wrestling team one by one and i won every match.

So it doesnt really matter what style you learn it matters how good you are and im not saying cross training in martial arts are bad. I also took judo but really use it and i never whent to the ground once when i took one the wreslting team. AND yes the wreslting team is VERY GOOD.

So just keep training and use want works and discard what doesnt. as i say test every move out!


#122504 - 04/21/05 03:18 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

to TKDFighter69:

I'm curious as to what techniques you used to take them on? Also how many years of TKD have you done?

#122505 - 04/21/05 05:48 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

That's incredible! I was in folk style wrestling for 2 years, i learned all about tackling and sprawling. What's really impressive is how you managed to beat them when so many moves in wrestling rely on taking control of the legs and hips. Usually, once this has happened, TKD becomes severely hindered. I applaud your skill.

#122506 - 04/21/05 09:08 PM Re: tea kwon do vs tackling/take downs

Okay i have been in MA since i was 3 and i train 24/7. Basically the first 3 guys i front kicked in the head rite when the guy said "fight" and they finaly cought on so i would fake then the guy would back up not to get kicked so i skip forward side kicked.

and basically the rest was foot work and Ki hops, the ki hops really freaked them out, i gave them the Bruce Lee style Ki hops that only mad them piss there pants. But yeah REALLY GOOD foot work and fakes does the tricks and once you hit them just keep hiting none stop.

well thats it later

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