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#122450 - 11/21/04 07:40 AM practical uses

hey, i'm a long time reader first time poster.

Okay, so i hear that TKD is no use in a 'real fight'. i think this is a load of crap to be honest. i wonder if any one could describe any particuler combos usefull in self defence, two moves at the most

I have worked out one so far: Right outer forearm block followed by right knife hand to the side of the neck (almost one motion and can be done from left or right)

regds - Skippi

[This message has been edited by TKD-Skippi (edited 11-23-2004).]

#122451 - 11/21/04 09:40 AM Re: practical uses

Hi TKD-Skippi, this has been discussed a lot recently.

It's not that TKD is no use in a 'real fight', it's just that certain techniques within traditional(!?) TKD are impractical and ineffective in a real fight. And the techniques that are practical and effective are seldomly taught as such.

With that in mind; In a fight situation traditional(!?) blocks, like those in performed in patterns are completely useless in a fight situation, even if you do get time to use them, simply don't work.
I know what I have said is going to upset those diehard TKD'ists, but it's true.

Action will always be quicker than reaction.

Only use techniques that are gross motor skills as under the influence of adrenaline your brain will no be able to process fine motor skills.

Don't go down the road of drilling combinations. Combinations are great in the dojang for sparring between two conscenting fighters abiding by the same rules, with the same mindset and within known teritory.
In a real fight combinations aren't viable as you are venturing into the unknown, things happen fast and you don't have the luxury of knowing what your opponent is going to do next.

Stick to simple techniques that are gross motor skills, such as:
Right Cross
Axe Hand (Knife Hand)
Palm Heel
Chin Jab (Upper-Cut Palm Heel to chin)
Power Slap
Low kicks (Thai Style)

When in a fight situation your techniques need to free flowing and to be able to adapt quicky to changing circumstances. Don't go into a fight with pre-concieved ideas on how you are going to deal with your opponent.

As with all fights; Go in first, go in hard and keep going with constant forward pressure 'til they drop.

Take care,


[This message has been edited by Gaffer (edited 11-21-2004).]

#122452 - 11/21/04 11:27 AM Re: practical uses

well, i have used the low and outer forarm blocks before in a real situation. i was'nt intending to 'drill combos' but to learn them incase the opertunity presented itself.

#122453 - 11/22/04 11:13 AM Re: practical uses

a wonderful combo for close quarters is
front hand jab,right cross,left upper, right falling strike(a hooking downward strike to the back of the skull of jaw.
or if uv got some room which is highly unlikly.then round house, dbl side round house, nadaban, back hook to the face, nadaban one final time to the gut/throught/or side of face.( preferably the face in order to keep momentum for an extra finishing blow if ud prefer to leave them not standing, if u know what i mean.)

#122454 - 11/22/04 02:15 PM Re: practical uses

Ok-so maybe these combo's etc will take a person down, if he's your build, inexperienced and doesn't know any other martial art. But in the real world is a person like that likely to pick a fight? Tae Kwon do may teach you speed, reflex, dexterity but its practical application in a fight is confined to simple punches and low kicks.
Advanced techniques such as a back hook kick to the temple in theory would easily knock a person cold, but the liklyhood of managing to strike someone in the right place, at the right time, with the right power and the right speed is simply impossible. You've got to consider the fact that the target will be moving, he/she is not going to be a living punch bag, he/she will be trying to dodge your blows - the long sweeping movements which make up the most powerfull Tae Kwon do kicks are just not practical to score a short sharp blow with.( Mind you if you do manage to catch someone in the right place with a proper foot technique it will certainly cause some damage (understatement!!).)
Ok so to conclude-if your a properly trained black belt maybe Tae Kwon Do can be used to its full extent but for all of us below that i wouldn't attempt to try applying to real world situations- best thing to do in a fight is simply walk or run away-if not possible use simple powerfull punch techniques with low kicks to knees and shins.


#122455 - 11/22/04 09:16 PM Re: practical uses

Yes, real TKD works for self defense. Although I hold multiple dans, TKD is my 1st art. I have come to realize that the human body moves in only so many different ways and there many techniques which are found in other arts and they just apply them with differnt preferences. The bad rap on TKD for self-defense comes because so many schools emphasize competitive fighting and forms because it's better for business. Hey, I've checked out krav maga, jeet kune do, CDT, etc. Many of the same techniques found in TKD are there, it's just in how you deploy your weapons and the attitude you go into the situation with that makes the difference. A potentional thief or rapist is not going to stopped by a "point" technique nor will he back off if you get hurt. you have to drill your technique into him and you can't let a little pain stop you because the fight could very well be a deathmatch. Fortunatly I came out on the winning side of all my encounters. I found my attackers to be telegraphic in their attacks and the events unfolded like it was in slow motion in my mind. Most violent crimes are committed by individuals who have a practical experience with fighting but lack any sophisticated training, but do not underesimate anyone. When confronted with a violent attack, take them down and out and ask questions later.

#122456 - 11/23/04 02:15 PM Re: practical uses

no ofence draconous14 but i think whilst you were doing all of this your attacker would have ran away leaving you kicking the crap out of the air. i should proboboly clarify, i meant combos that are short and sharp. though in sparing that would be realy cool


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