Hello everybody,
i'm new here and wanted to say hello. I'm a TaeKwonDo ITF (traditional taekwondo) instructor from Spain, and i'd like to invite you all to learn about this great martial art in the traditional way. I know TKD has a bad image because of the WFT federation, they have reduced TKD to a sport in which you can't use your hands, and you have three or four kicks useful in a sport combat... for me, that's a pitty.
Well, excuse my english sometimes, surely i'll do lots of mistakes, but i hope here i will improve my english meanwhile i learn more about people, and martial arts.
A question, i see there are some "solutions" here to fight in different situations, but i can't see any picture... is it a problem of my IE, or is something wrong in the web?
Well, martial hugs for everyona, and remember, "magic" in martial arts does not exists, the only "trick" is training.