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#121703 - 09/18/04 09:45 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

HA 2 YEARS? ARE U JOKING ME? im twelve, and ive been a black belt first degree for quite some time most likely 2 years or such like that, ( been doing tkd since like 4-5 years old) and im only about half-bit more then first degree, so im sure it takes 2 years (if its serios and not jokey)

#121704 - 10/08/04 03:35 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

My school is a more traditional school practicing Chang Moo Kwan Taekwon Do. We are not a black belt factory and do not use contracts. While we are a WTF school, we are not heavy into competitive sparring. Our curriculum is quite extensive consisting of: punching and stricking techniques; one step, two step, three set sparring techiques; various blocking techniques; Taegeuk, Palgwe and Taekwon (school specific) patterns; kicking techniques; board breaking and Korean terminology.

Our belts consist of White, Yellow, Orange, Greeen, Blue, Red Stripe, Red, Black Stripe, Black.

As a minimum it takes 4 to 6 months to go from Blue to Red Stripe, that is to be eligible to test let alone ready to test.

I have been warned not to go to these bb factories as they often leave students feeling caught and frustrated particularly when they think that their skills do not measure up.

#121705 - 10/08/04 04:17 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

I totally agree. It sounds like your school is much like mine. We are WTF and do sparring on our "D-Days" only but it is not pushed like most people think ... so I don't consider our WTF as a sport TKD.

(A - Promotion Preparation, B - Kicking Training, C - Pattern & Basic Movements, D - Sparring Techniques, E - Self Defense / Falling Techniques, F - Long Stretching, Breaking Techniques and Target Sparring).

Our belts are white, yellow, green stripe, green, blue stripe, blue, red stripe, red, black strip, black.

There are no limits for classes for white belts but as yellow and up you must have a minimum of 20 classes. Blue belt and up you must have 40 classes and at black stripe I think this must be 6 months or more (not entirely sure as not there yet). These are only guidelines and most people end up doing more then their required classes to perfect things.

I've been taking TDK for 2 years and am a blue belt going for my red stripe at the end of October. I've been going regularily to classes and probably only missed 2 months of classes. I've passed many and have been passed by others. We all learn at different rates. Thankfully our instructor only lets you go to the tests should he feel you are ready and can complete your pattern, one step sparring, sparring technique and break.

#121706 - 11/05/04 06:49 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

sounds fast promotion. not unlike here, its a 10 month contract and you only get to be promoted once. I'm only yellow belt and its my fifth month. the Philippine taekwondo association modified our belt arrangement instead of the traditional one. or maybe they followed Grandmaster James Benko's belts: white, yellow,green,blue,red,black. but they changed the red to brown and we've got a shorter way of reaching 1st dan if we do it well. best be grateful for your promotion and then ask you instructor why are you promoted that easily.

seems kinda lame, but that's the best info you can get from me.

#121707 - 11/06/04 04:40 AM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

That school is a joke. the system I studied under goes: white yellow blue green purple brown black--- It took 6 years to become a green belt thats just intermediate level and going by their time in rank to make sure you know your stuff. no contract, I've been doing that style for nine years I'm brown in that style. white is beginner green should be intermedite brown through black advanced. that is a major MCdojo If I were you I would warn as many people about it as you can.

#121708 - 11/12/04 02:42 AM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

I currently train at a taekwondo club in australia, which has been labelled by people as a Mcdojo, but i believe this is not the case for this particular club.

there a fewer belts then others, only white, yellow, blue, red, then black.

In saying this though, you still have to satisfy the instructor that you are good enough to grade, if you arent good, he'll refuse to let you grade.

as well as this, the club tolerates very few mistakes at grading. I failed twice so far when i went for my cho dan bo (provisional black belt), because of some very minor moves.

it only takes about 3 and a half years to get from white to black belt, but i found that once you get black belt, its a whole new thing lol. once you reach your black belt, grading happen in years. to get your first dan, you have to wait 1 year from your cho dan bo grading., to get your 2nd dan, you have to wait 2 years after your 1st dan grading, and so on and so forth.

this club is also a non contract club, you can leave whenever you want, another bonus.

i suggest that you follow a few guide lines before choosing.

1. find out whether its contract or non contract
2. sit at side of a class and watch students at highest ranks or are older.
3. watch the instructor, typical mcdojo's have loud, weird instructors lol.

#121709 - 11/14/04 12:17 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

I can say i Know how you feel girlfight. I joined a school that is a great school dont get me wrong, but I was promoted quickly. I am now a green belt and I have been in for 4 months and we go white orange yellow camo green. BUT I have made myslef be that green belt by practicing at home, going to every class I get the chance, and working on becoming better. When I signed up I had no idea i was signing up to be in a 3 yr membership. I was not told that this could not be cancelled at all. So i do consider this a lesson well learned for next time. Until then I am going through leadership training and going to get my instructors certification. So do what u can to keep it up and I will too! Where you from? Im in NC. Good luck!

#121710 - 11/14/04 09:30 PM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

Wow !No matter how many times i hear it. it still makes me cringe.It's sad how common this is in martial arts. But it does happen.But wow !800$ dollars.Damn, And this guy calls himself Master.

In the School(Dojo) that i'm appart of .The monthly rate is only 35 $ .That comes to about 380 $ for a 10 month training year. And I still hear people make comments about it.Boy! If they only new how things were in other schools.The rates are low because my sensei works during the day's .So the income from that covers most of the expenses of runing the school.

But theres one thing that i have to mention here how my Sensei works. He will allow you to go up thru the ranks until Brown belt.If by then you don't know Japanese names for the different movements .You will probably never see that brown belt around your waist.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by girlfighter:
Oh! I forgot to mention some things that I found out while doing research! It turns out that my former instructor quit when he was green belt - and then opened his own school. At one of the chain schools - a gal who answered phones started as white belt (no martial arts experience) and within 2 years of training (remember - starting from white belt) she is being considered for 2nd degree bb. She could be a quick learner, but watching her 'perform' I doubt it.

Also, the old school I was attending had WT(a)F certificates for their instructors signed by..... the founder of the school. Notice that the (a) was really small, almost hidden.

I hope that anyone looking into starting tkd for the first time will ask around for suggestions and recommendations and do research BEFORE signing a contract! Take some free classes and don't be pressured into anything. If they don't let you take what you are suppose to sign home - then RUN away!! That would have been the smart thing for me to have done [IMG][/IMG]

As always - thank you to this board for providing me much reading information and guidance. I appreciate it!

#121711 - 11/22/04 11:38 AM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

i've been doing TKD for 1year and 7 months it might be insulting to refuse to wear your belt but i don't think it would be insulting to refuse the belt.
just tell your master that u feel u need more practice before your next belt.

#121712 - 11/22/04 11:46 AM Re: Help - need advice about belt/school

[QUOTE]Originally posted by girlfighter:
Thanks everyone who responded. I tried one of the best schools in the area tonight and found out that I have just a basic white belt knowledge. This coming from someone who was 'awarded' a green belt at the other school. I was so embarrased and upset because I did not know any step sparring, nor the forms that they did - and I think I could have been easily killed in any street situation. As a novice to tkd, you really have no idea what to expect when you first start. At this second school - they teach you why you are doing your forms - the purpose, breathing, and the proper way to execute them. Mostly, they show you how you can use them if you were attacked on the street and be good enough for competition. The first school seems to be all about cheapening the bb and getting as much $ as possible.

Thanks again everyone [IMG][/IMG]
I was just wondering are u by any chance attending a TKD school associated with Oh's TKD(if so get out as fast as u bloody well can becouse they are the opitome of a Mcdojo.they don't even really teach u anything.) and the other school was it by any chance associated with champion TKD?

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