on sky one last night at 8pm i caught the show fight school.

not a fan of reality tv shows but i thought i would have a look.

from what i can gather there are about 12 students that live in a training school where they perform tasks each day. from those tasks it is determined who was the weaker and who was the stronger. at the end of the show the weakest has to fight whomever the strongest selects and the loser leaves the show after the two fight.

now, seeing as i am TKD i found it interesting that the weaker one was a woman who failed on a blow pipe test (not something usually connected to TKD more ninja) and the stronger was someone who overcame their fear of heights on a rope crawl.

as far as i can tell all the students are at the top of the game and the instructors seem pretty high ranked, with an oriental grandmaster sitting in for effect.

so, the show was pretty dull. but i looked forward to the fight. TKD vs Kung Fu with all to play for.

my god what a disappointment, if that girl was at the top of her TKD game she should be embarrased, not once did she throw a kick, more of a boxing thing. the kung fu girl spotted this and sent in hook kick after hook kick to the same side of the head each time. and won deservedly, sweating and smiling.

going into a fight with a negative attitude shows and obviously effected her performance to some extent, i wonder if she'd have fought harder if she hadnt been told she was the weakest before the fight?

either way, if i had fought like her and lost the way she did my instructor would start stripping belts from me for sure.

so anyone else from the uk watch this? has it made it state side or have you had something similar?

but so you know if anyone gets sky one its on again next thursday night at 8pm