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#121514 - 07/18/04 09:24 PM Re: equipment
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764
[QUOTE]Originally posted by kiwi:
ITF only requires fingerless gloves, feet, mouth guard and groin guard (headgear is optional so no one wears it).

The controlled contact only really applies to the kiddies divisions. I have seen enough knock outs in ITF taekwon-do to know that they allow alot of contact. The only time abssesive contact is called is whn people start throwing haymakers (which are illegal) and when people strike an illegal target area very hard.

The main difference in the contact levels are that we throw alot of kicks off the front leg which obviously arn't as powerful.
define "haymaker"

#121515 - 07/19/04 07:20 AM Re: equipment
kiwi Offline

Registered: 07/26/03
Posts: 789
Loc: Wellington New Zealand
Hooks are illegal, but most often the people who are inclined to break this rule are throwing wild swinging hooks which I call haymakers.

#121516 - 07/19/04 11:15 AM Re: equipment
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764
How are most of the knockouts done in ITF?

#121517 - 07/19/04 11:23 AM Re: equipment

Christiancadet, since Mike20CA didn't clarify which style of Tae Kwon Do he practices, I told him the equipment requirements for my style in case he too is WTF.

And if ITF hits just as hard, or harder than WTF (which I find hard to believe), then it would be stupid to not wear the equipment WTF TKDists wear. That's just my opinion. I spar full contact, and even with that equipment, you're feeling it.

Don't underestimate WTF. We have that equipment for a reason! Hah.

#121518 - 07/19/04 11:38 AM Re: equipment
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764
This is just from the ITF Rule book on sparring for adult level blackbelts.

A. Misconduct against officials or ignoring instructions.
B. Heavy contact.
C. Committing 3 fouls.
D. Any competitor suspected of being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs."

In competition a technique is valid when:
A. it is executed correctly,
B. it is dynamic, that is to say it is delivered with strength, purpose, rapidity and precision,
C. it is controlled on the target,
D. perfect block:
i.) defender must maintain complete balance,
ii.) an appropriate blocking tool must be used,
iii.) block must be powerful and accurate,
iv.) defence must be maintained at a proper distance,
v.) opponents balance must be broken.

Article 37. FOULS
One point will be deducted for the following offences:
A. Loss of temper,
B. insulting an opponent in any way,
C. biting/scratching/clawing,
D. attacking with the knee, elbow or forehead,
E. attacking a fallen opponent,
F. contact.
NB. The sum of 3 warnings automatically means deducting 1 point.

Article 39. INJURY
A. When a competitor is injured, the Centre Referee must stop the match and call the Doctor. The Doctor must diagnose, treat the wounds and decide about the match continuation.
B. When a contender cannot fight on because of Doctor's decision:
i.) he is the winner if his opponent is responsible;
ii.) he is the loser if his opponent is not responsible.
C. An injured competitor that is unfit to fight, according to the Doctor's decision, cannot fight again during the event.
D. A competitor that refuses to accept the Doctor's decision will be disqualified.
E. If two competitors injure themselves at the same time and both are unfit to fight, according to the Doctor's decision, the winner is the contender that has more scored points at that moment. If the competitors are even, the Jury President will decide about the bout."

So, According to ITF RULES, at senior black belt level...

A) Contact must be CONTROLLED
B) Points will be taken off for lack of control
C) If you injure/knockout a person and they cannot continue, YOU lose the match.

Of course, I am not saying what you saw at an ITF tournament with people being knocked out is wrong.

I am not saying I am 100% right.

I am just saying this is what I got from the ITF rule book and from what I saw in adult national level black belt tournaments.

The thing about tournements is, even when the rule book says something, it isn't always true [IMG][/IMG]

#121519 - 07/19/04 11:43 AM Re: equipment
Christiancadet Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 553
Not purely stupid, just a little odd (IMO), here is a sampling of what I have seen some people wear;

As you can tell, there is alot of protection going on here, and in some cases the only thing seperating the equipment shown with a hugo is the color and where it goes in relation to the uniform. In some cases, I have seen people go into ITF matches wearing more equipment than you most likely would were you olympic sparring. Such as helmets with face plates (as show above), and though this was at an open tournament, it was hosted by an ITF school, and they had on the most gear.
Now there are reaons why you would require protection in ITF style sparring (otherwise they wouldn't have people buying this stuff), but maybe less of a need because it is not completely continuous on a sidenote, if you wouldn't mind i could send you a picture that demonstrates just how hard some people kick in ITF style sparring even at low ranks.


PS-you seem to contradict a statement you made in the second paragraph with the closing word of your third.

[This message has been edited by Christiancadet (edited 07-19-2004).]

#121520 - 07/19/04 01:28 PM Re: equipment

After looking at the rules Uriel supplied, and looking them up myself, it appears that ITF sparring is not full contact. It's controlled point sparring.

If it is not full (or heavy) contact, you obviously wouldn't need the same amount of equipment full contact sparrers use. That just makes sense.

Now, if I'm mistaken and ITF competitiors are sparring full contact against the rulebook, and not wearing protective equipment, that's just stupid. Some people may find it macho, or tough, or whatever, but it's stupid. Those are your vital organs being subjected to very powerful blows. It's only common sense to wear some sort of protective shield, if you value your health.

I'm not doubting ITF TKDist's skill or the power behind their kicks. It just seems you flip flop on the issue of how hard you actually kick and what equipment is desired in an ITF sparring match. [IMG][/IMG]

[This message has been edited by Hannah (edited 07-19-2004).]

#121521 - 07/19/04 05:12 PM Re: equipment
kiwi Offline

Registered: 07/26/03
Posts: 789
Loc: Wellington New Zealand
I've showed kncok downs form the ITF world champs in video form. They are a far better indication of the contact level then a rule book.

The knock outs i've seen are mainly from back-kicks and the occasional side kick.

#121522 - 07/19/04 05:54 PM Re: equipment
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764

That's why I said "By the rules"

I've seen too many tournaments to know rule books usually aren't used. Even at the international level.

#121523 - 11/20/04 05:57 AM Re: equipment

I like Kix equipment. its the official equipment of my organization, the Philippine Taekwondo Association. For my dobok, I have the Kix Kool Fit, for my gear, I have the elite headgear and the evolution protective pads (shin, arm, body, groin), for my training stuff, I have a speed ball and a kicking pad. all from kix

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