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#121450 - 07/02/04 10:44 AM ..a UK gentle..

.....only with words mind you!

i thought i'd use my first post to say hello, so hello, i'm Jimbo. livin on the coast in the uk and am currently a yellow belt.

that said i was due to double grade last week but polotics interrupted, maybe next grading.

the club i train at is very small with only 3 other senior members, a blue, a black tag and a blue tag (women). my instructors are both on the UK team (heading to korea in oct if your going) so this benefits me loads as its virtually one on one training.

the other upside is that sparring is done with the higher grades as there none at mine, meaning i have to be faster.

sounds ideal i spose, and i mean no disrespect to women with my next comment. the people i train with i would class as hobbiests rather than enthusiasts, and are pretty weak women. thats sounds horrible but just honest. the other thing is that i am 6ft 3" so way outreach anyone else.

heres my problem. i have to be light with the women as i have already popped two of their noses during sparring..and it all get a bit dramatic.

i am entered for the national jee goo championships in october and cant wait! but although i spar with high grade i feel i may suffer with a same grade, or if i meet someone of similar height as i dont have the experience.

so finally (sorry for the long intro)


as a complete virgin to tournaments,could you give me some tips? within my knowledge or just outside it would be nice...such as the best blocks to use, wether to attack or defend, stances and techniques, how to strike unexpedidly or fast, how to counter moves thrown at me.

dont feel you have to write an epic, but all the info you can give me to train with, or learn from will be very valueable and very much appreciated

..think of it as moulding a new mind [IMG][/IMG]

be gentle.......unless your sparring..cos in that case...bring it [IMG][/IMG]

#121451 - 07/02/04 12:37 PM Re: ..a UK gentle..
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764
A) Lose the sparring with women. Hate to say it, but you already touched on it. You have to force yourself to go lighter. You spar how you train.

B) Block? Don't get hit. Blocking sucks.

C) Offense? Defense? Just play your game and let it develop.

You say your instructor is on the UK team? What weight class? I might have fought him before.

#121452 - 07/02/04 12:49 PM Re: ..a UK gentle..

saying that maybe i should elaborate a bit

my two instructors are married, the female competes in breaking categories only, their son competes in sparring (simon richardson) and the father (mr richardson - not sure of his 1st name)compete in sparring too. that help?

losing the sparring with women hhmmmm.

instructors are prohibited from sparring with me due to my grade, if i dont fight women theres no-one left unfortunately.

rather than saying block? just dont get hit....the kind of advice i seek maybe should be slightly more in depth? [IMG][/IMG] such as how then? or tips?

#121453 - 07/02/04 03:37 PM Re: ..a UK gentle..
nekogami13 V2.0 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 2643
Loc: Texas, USA
Movement is your friend. Don't stand still and block,instead move your butt out of the way. Work angles-don't move straight back or forward, use a roughly 45 or so degree move-preferably forward.

Don't have to specific a game plan. Have a general plan, then adapt to the situation.

Don't fall into the habit of throwing the same technique/combo over and over, try to be unpredictable.

Remember, if you can't dazzle them with dexterity-baffle them with BS.

Good luck.

#121454 - 07/02/04 06:23 PM Re: ..a UK gentle..

thats more like it! thanks nekogami13, movement....noted [IMG][/IMG] i like the angle idea, seems frighteningly obvious now you say it. moving forwards tho, would this be to punch? as surely moving into them would force my legs out of range except for maybe a lucky cresent kick?

i have read backwards through the forums as i didnt want to annoy anyone with repetative questions, however most of the posts seemed specific to a particular area of sparring, or covering the issues of faking.

as i am a yellow belt the idea of faking is new, and i would anticipate my opponent would be the same (gunna practice now tho!), so i was expecting and was told to expect a battle as apparently yellow belts are niave enough to just go at it.

the advice i recieve from my instructors is always welcomed yet tends to lean on the "get in there and smack em one". easier said then done when you dont know the right methods mentioned it will come in time..i just want a slight headstart on what to expect and how to counter it, rather than dive in and take an uneccesary whoopin thru sheer lack of knowledge and experience rather than guts and determination

#121455 - 07/03/04 12:00 AM Re: ..a UK gentle..
Uriel Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 764
Richardson; doesn't ring a bell. But didn't have to.

As for me expanding on my answers, I lay the ground work. Let you guys figure it out for your damn selves and when that fails...

Nekogami, Kiwi, joesixpack and the odd one other comes in and does my explaining for me. [IMG][/IMG]

#121456 - 07/03/04 09:02 AM Re: ..a UK gentle..

uriel i hope you didnt read my comment the wrong way, i fully understood your point. i agree i need to find my own style and methods, its what makes each fighter unique.

i was just after some direction really ...see what i did there?


#121457 - 07/03/04 10:08 PM Re: ..a UK gentle..
nekogami13 V2.0 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/10/04
Posts: 2643
Loc: Texas, USA
Moving forward does allow punching, but more importantly it creates pressure. Forces your opponent to defend against your attacks-including moving backwards which sets them up for a nice kick.
Kicking them then becomes a pleasant way to say goodbye to them.


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