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#121212 - 10/21/04 02:41 PM Re: Black belt test fees

[QUOTE]Originally posted by JohnL:
$500 for any test!

Go tell the kukkiwon to **** themselves.


That's crazy!....and I'm in the wrong job!

#121213 - 10/21/04 03:08 PM Re: Black belt test fees

Our school has 8 tests to achieve your black belt.

Blue with Red stripe
Red with Black stripe

The cost for each belt varies. Beginner levels (Yellow, Orange, Green) about $40 CDN. The intermediate levels (Blue, Red Stripe) about $50 and advanced levels ?????.

We have discounts for families, that is if more than one family member is testing.

I have been told that the black belt test was about $500 CDN ($350 US).

It seems reasonable to me to spend $500 bucks for a professional to spend 3.5 hours evaluating your skills, about $140/hr.

That's about the rate for a good dentist or a cheap lawyer isn't it.

Has anyone here factored the cost of running a school, the smaller schools need some cash to cover the proportionately higher overheads. Up here in the Great White North heating and electric bills can add up particularly in the long dark winters.

[This message has been edited by tkddad (edited 10-21-2004).]

[This message has been edited by tkddad (edited 10-21-2004).]

#121214 - 10/21/04 03:16 PM Re: Black belt test fees

I wonder what the fees are for a JKA bb certification from the honbu dojo or Aikido honbu also. Any ideas


#121215 - 10/22/04 12:05 PM Re: Black belt test fees

Testing fee's..... This is an upsetting topic for me. As I have lost students from parents not understanding the BB test Fee. But this does not worry me as these people learn their lesson when they move to a new town/school and see the differances in the type of training most american schools offer and fee's. The Kukkiwan fee for first don should only be $90 dollars.
It is at the discretion of the instructor to charge what he/she belives is right. Some instructors dont charge to much for monthly fee's so your testing maybe more, maybe an instructor will charge allot for monthly and little or no testing fee, Or maybe the instructor doesnt charge at all and hits you with a big black belt fee or maybe your in a Belt factory school where you pay for every little thing allways having to buy a new uniform test all the time 2-ten stripes for each belt. So many different backgrounds and ways to do things, some schools have stripes and and tripple stripes, some stick to traditon and just wear a white belt until their white belt becomes black.
With todays society it waters down the ancient traditions of the arts. Back in time Students did manual labor for training brought gifts to the instructor for their lessons.
Now in the present people have food stores to get their needs and dont need gardens worked on for training etc. So now people pay for classes and belt fee's. I paid $40 bucks a month for my training, from 4pm-10pm at night 6 days a week I trained & I only paid $300 for my 1st BB test's, Hapkido,Taekwondo.
I didnt argue, I didnt investigate, I remained loyal and trained, I would of paid a 1000, who cares its only money. From the arts I have received and vigourus hardcore military style combat training, their is no amount of money that could pay back the guri to my master for what he has passed down to me. If it's something you want you will pay for it. I am fortunate to have trained under 3rd generation HKD, And I tell you as an Instructor now if you want a black belt from me you will pay for or Work it off. Their are not many Black Belts in our art, Their are few, they are ellite. If you obtain a BB in our art you definetly become. Their is no doubt's, no faulse hopes. So all of you arguing about your testing fee's stop being the everyday americans trying to find the best deal for your buck, Cuzz their is no amount of money that can pay for the knowledge, ancient knowledge you receive. If you have a good instructor you should know, become martial artists, Remain loyal, pay your dues, manually work it off. Cuzz if all your worried about is money, or how much you pay for the belt you obvisously dont get the understanding of that BB level.

[This message has been edited by Ajacks (edited 10-22-2004).]

#121216 - 10/30/04 11:16 PM Re: Black belt test fees
hkphooey Offline

Registered: 02/21/04
Posts: 12
Loc: California
Aaack! Where to start? I'm so grateful I don't have to grow my own vegetables...and what's so bad about being an American? Yikes. It is kind of hard to for me to find your point, but I do agree with what I think may be your point, Ajacks, (unless the fact that you are elite is your point. That I could never ascertain over the web [IMG][/IMG]).
I paid very little at my instructor's school, and could afford only that little. At the same time I was so grateful for the training because I was impressed with the quality of it. I saw other people paying much more and getting what I considered less quality instruction and training. I am also sad to see my instructor struggle each year, not gaining the financial success of those other instructors. I now train in another art in which there are no test fees. This instructor, too, doesn't make any money teaching. In fact, I think the school is losing money. He luckily has a benefactor in a high ranking student.
I think the problem is not in paying for what we get as martial artists (I consider what I have gained from my teachers priceless), it is in paying through the nose for something that later seems is poor quality training. That's what I see when I read threads like this.

[This message has been edited by hkphooey (edited 10-30-2004).]

#121217 - 11/11/04 03:36 PM Re: Black belt test fees

my instructor really trains us out in both things, (we do taekwondo and also alot of hapkido)a black belt test in our school can take anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours or more. i had to pay 500 for my black belt test, soon im coming up on 2nd degree im not sure how much its gona cost. but we get marble certificates with our picture school etc etc

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