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#119964 - 09/23/04 09:57 AM Re: Fav thing about TKD
ipscshooter Offline

Registered: 12/28/03
Posts: 148
Loc: Houston, TX
[QUOTE]Originally posted by hunterkell:
This question is to Wadowoman, JohnL, and the rest of the forum members that do not practice TKD; does your style, whether it is shoto, wado, bjj, ad infinitum, award the blackbelt to children? [/QUOTE]
Since you're asking JohnL, shouldn't that be "ad nauseum"? [IMG][/IMG]

Sorry John... Just wanted to get #100 in the thread.

#119965 - 11/18/04 02:35 AM Re: Fav thing about TKD

well, what I like about taekwondo is:
1. the dobok
2. sparring and pad work
3. high kicks
4. the hi-speed action
5. the fun activities (we play kicking pad games at my dojang)
6. the fact that it teaches respect and discipline

#119966 - 11/18/04 06:56 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

well i know that this issue was talked about like 2 pages back, but i study WTF and it took me about 2-3 years to get my first black belt.,

#119967 - 11/23/04 03:09 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

Hey Kiwi, I've trained in the arts for 25 years and hold multiple blackbelts but TKD is where I began. Back in the day our school had the best fighters in the area bar none. I have trained with grapplers, karateka, aikidoists, jkd, kenpo, and kung fu and was able to kick the crap out of 90% of any school I visited. I've used TKD kicks in real self defense situations. I believe the bad rap on TKD is because most schools teach only point sparring and forms because it's best for business and Koreans are notorious for "slicky boy" business operations. I lived with a Korean for a year while in grad school and had a fight with a bonifde Korean blackbelt during the Halloween dance. This individual was the elder of the other orientals and thought this gave him the right to bully them all. That night I had all I could take of him and his attitude and called him on it. This embarassed him and he felt it necessary to settle with fist and feet. I KO'd him with a spinning elbow smash to his jaw in the middle of the dance floor and earned the admiration and nickname of "tiger" from the other Koreans. He did not bully the others from that day on. My point is that TKD spinning techniques are just one ofmy most formidable self defense techniques. True TKD is as valid as any other art. I've seen other styles who water down their training or ignore self defense in lieu of sports orientation, only TKD schools seem to do this more than others. But don't let others get you down, what is important is why you train and what you are getting from your practice of TKD.

#119968 - 11/23/04 05:51 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

My favorite things of TKD are the technique training, meeting new peaple, kicking the **** out of the bags, and training period.
TKD has helped me become more mellow, calm,
confident, honest to my self and others, and much more polite. I used to be a stuck up little brat, but that all changed when my bro, who is now not that good in MAs but smarter than i will probably ever be, kicked me literally half way across a room i leaned a great important lesson, don't piss anyone twice your size and age off.
I used to have a major anger problem but 7 1/2 years of MA stopped that to (anger management only pisses u off more.)
have a very nice day.

#119969 - 11/23/04 05:56 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

[QUOTE]Originally posted by kiwi:
"I really wanted to post this topic because we get alot of heated arguments and negative comments in threads (Most necessary things that help us understand each others views). Would be cool to have a few more positve comments about TKD in this forum."

Can I make it any clearer, this is for praising TKD, if your going to be negative post on one of the other topics.
again thank u. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

#119970 - 11/23/04 06:36 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

i am a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo.
that biased against kicks is bull. obviously the beautifull kicks are useless but they are not for defence.

I do dislike the americanization and commercialization that is happening to all martial arts. I became frustrated when i saw undeserving kids recieve their black belt, so i understand. But lots of people deserve the BB. I did. but most dont its true.
big news... karate is just as bad. it is the most commercialized art out there. more kids i know who are not serious about martial arts study karate than other arts. at least this derek kid seems focused(although he is a BIT young)tkd does teach what it takes to be a black belt.
I know that every day i assume the role of a black belt. that includes physical fitness as well as moral character, and self controll. karate is not better than tkd. its just practiced more widely. tkd is an excellent beginners art.(no offence, especially since its all ive taken) mainly because it teaches the important things!

self control

once a person masters these (as young derek seems to have) then he is ready to become a martial artist.

ps my fave thing about tkd. the fact that i can now break two boards jumping over four people(side to side)bent to waist high. (did that at a demo it was freakin sweet)

[This message has been edited by salsmanm (edited 11-23-2004).]

#119971 - 11/28/04 02:19 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

what i like about taekwondo is that it has increased my life to the point where i am not afraid, i can walk down the road at night with confidence.

Also What i love about every martial art is that when you join you are so nervous, but much later on, you are calm, confident strong, and at peace.

#119972 - 11/28/04 04:03 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

my fave part is sparring and the special techniques, like arm locks. i also like the philosophies.

#119973 - 11/28/04 04:17 PM Re: Fav thing about TKD

the thing about TKD is wee ones can be BB because the are profisient in what they learn the know the stuff so now the learn to apply it...'white belt is the begining of learning, black belt the the begining of understanding' - i dunno who said it first

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