Hi everyone,
I teach a system of boxing called HAKARAC.
It is a 75% combat - 25% art - 25% weapon based system that is contributed by Western Boxing - Wing Chun Kuen - Harimau Silat - Muay Thai.
Most times we train to deal with a disciplined opponent, but often this is not the case. The offender will with purpose intent talk and sneek their way in close to facilitate their intent. Here are some ways:
- Spit & strike
- Groin Slapping
- Apologize(get close) then strike
- Ask the time (when they look)strike
- ask for dirrections (when they look)strike
- You dropped something - strike
And many , many, others.
If anyone out there has any other dirty fighting application that they would like to share to make other martial artists more aware of how to deal with but more importantly what to be aware of it would be appreciated.