Hello people, I am a martialist who has been training since the age of 10 that adds up to 45 years this year. I have owned several schools in different parts of the United States and have taught in all aspects of martial science and art. I am still excited about the evolution and revolution of the martial studies in the United States today. I am glad to be a member and hope I can leaves some knowledge as good as I hope to get. Thank You all.

Please find that my first post is a general statement followed by a question. I would like to get some fresh imput on this subject of primary/initial ambushes or attacks. I know that there are several books on the subject, Paladn Press, Turtle, Amazon etc. but. I would like to here your experiences.

If one reviews fights which break out on the playing field of many sporting events such as hockey, baseball, football, and basketball, irrelevant of the reason. A certain pattern reveals itself. First is head hunting, second is the right fist (for right handed people) projected in some straight or hooking action which is repeated over and over in rapid succession. Look at the sucker punch thrown at bothersome paparazzi or the occasional ambush of some individual marching for or against some volatile issue. Again, when the hands are used it is the most powerful strike a person feels he or she possess that is launch instinctively at the head. A straight or looping shot thrown quickly at the head or even the back or side of the head is typically the skill of choice. In a street fight by veteran fighters I see a typical ploy, the blitz. A flourish of alternating strikes of hooking or straight punches or combinations of the two in rapid and overwhelming succession vigorously applied. Any opening in a guard is quickly exploited and follow up continuous. Sometimes a victim is thrown to the ground by a foot trip and push and then mounted and pummeling continues or if not mounted, kicking and stomping replaces the fists. I have witnessed football type kicks thrown at the groin and at the face neither of which landed followed immediately by a head hunting.
In cases where the head shot was ineffective or missed completely by either party, a head lock was the next choice, a sort of standing tackle. This was followed by some ineffective hooking fist strikes until one or the other threw the other to the ground whereupon, if either one remained standing the one standing tried to stomp or hit the other. Sometimes they both landed on the ground and some grappling took place. I have on one occasion witnessed an open palm hooking cuff (a bear paw type strike) to the head which knocked a rather larger person to the ground immediately, which ended the confrontation. The person striking had mass, strength, determination, decisiveness and had, I would place money on it, used this before.

My question, please describe to me any attack that either supports these scenarios described above or describe the attack, type, strategy or tactic specific at the moment of attack with empty hands or kicks, pushes, tackles or any method so witnessed. Please describe only those fights witnessed. I am interested in how consistently simple these initial attacks are or how many different entrances or start ups all of you have witnessed. If you had seen a leading head butt, an elbow effectively used or an object thrown first followed by an attack please describe. If one regained the advantage, how? I am not interested in the story leading up to the attack, name calling, the situation only the specific nature of the first assault. Please reply. Thank you.

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