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#118108 - 05/20/04 08:45 PM how do you win a street fight

what is the perfered way to win a street fight against a evenly matched opponent?

#118109 - 11/16/04 01:53 PM Re: how do you win a street fight

one thing you have to considar is that in a streetfight there no rules, so that basicly mean you can do any thing, kick him in the nuts, smack him around the face with a chair, gouge out his eyes, basicly anything that will help you win in a real life situation is legal providing it was done with just cause and no one was killed without good reason.

hope this helps

#118110 - 11/29/04 11:57 PM Re: how do you win a street fight

That "...evenly matched opponent" you are fighting against will be evenly matched with you and so neither of you will win.

There is no such thing as an evenly matched opponent; just as there is no such thing as a 'good doctor' A doctor is 'good' when his patient lives and otherwise when he dies.

So a good street fighter is someone who WINS and bad when he loses. The 'preferred' way is do not train for and use too many techniques; I always say a dog has only ONE technique and everyone knows what it is and yet the dog wins most of the time, and this happens mostly on the streets. Why? Because of its EFFICIENCY OF EXECUTION of that one technique. Its not what you know, its how well you can do it. A dog can bite as well as it can catch a frisbee.

So choose a couple of techniques which you feel you can perform very well under any kind of pressure and powerfully. A couple for the hands and a couple for the legs; thats all you need. Again look at Muay Thai boxers. Lots of techniques? No, but look at the speed and power. You will be caught even if you see it coming.

#118111 - 02/16/05 11:02 PM Re: how do you win a street fight

Street fight? Best way to win one is to not get into one at all. BUT, if you do sufficiently piss off someone here are some good tips to win:

1.Eye gouges- jam your thumbs into your opponents eyes and rip back your hands. Incapacitated and painful.

2. Anything is a potential weapon. Stones, bars, even a rolled up newspaper (it has to be thick). Once you have something, let rip.

-Knee into the balls with extreme force can cause shock and death will follow.
-Stiffen your hand and strike with the edge into throat. Will crush windpipe, opponent cannot breathe.
-Elbow into base of neck/cerebral cortex will cause severe brain damage or death.
-An extremely hard palm heel into sternam will take out the structure of rib cage. Possible death.
-Elbow into back of head (boney part right at back) will damage a part of the brain called the occipital lobe. This lobe deals with vision and other vital parts of bodily functions can cause death when hit hard enough.

4. Elbows, knees, hand, fingers, feet, your head are all weapons. Ambidexterity will be needed to effectively use all in succession.

5. Kick down on SIDE of their knee. Broken and they can't follow you [IMG][/IMG]

Incapacitate or kill.
Its your choice. There are no rules in a street fight and they'll fight as dirty as possible.
Me being a martial artist in progress, i know some stuff, but ill just hurt them so they cant fight back and walk away.

'The best won fight is when it has not taken place'

#118112 - 02/16/05 11:45 PM Re: how do you win a street fight

Thengaul seems to think of the human body as made of paper. Most of the techniques he mentions have been attempted in NHB events. Guess what? They don't work.

As for the original question...There is no quick and easy way. If you've never been hit in your life and you're totally scrawny, chances are you will get your ass kicked.

Solution? Find a school that does lots of limited rules, hard contact sparring and start an athletic strength program.

#118113 - 02/21/05 12:28 AM Re: how do you win a street fight

BS. Paper? You'd be surprised how easy joints go out with little pressure. Knowing where to hit is half the damn fight. Training is almost everything. Toughen the hell up and learn where to goddamn hit.


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