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#117892 - 08/18/05 10:03 AM Re: Isshi Shorinji Ryu Style [Re: Chris Wissmann]
Chris Wissmann Offline

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 60
A few months ago I downloaded text from the other Isshin Shorinjiryu thread mentioned in the previous post— entries that now are deleted, I think due to some restructuring of the FightingArts website. I'll repost them here verbatim; if the authors wanted them deleted or wish to edit them, please let me know right away and I'll immediately remove or change them.

I did not, unfortunately, get the author of the first one, which refers to the history I posted above:

“the history on development of toudi, in detail the shorei and shorin lineages and their specific history has a lot of errors.

“Higaonna was never a student of Matsumura, he studied with Seisho Aragaki, Kojo and Wai xin xiang, RyuRyu Ko possibly Iwah and Ason in China. Miyagi was never a student of Itosu, only of Higaonna and Seisho Aragaki (I think you mixed him up with Mabuni, who was a student of both Itosu and Higaonna).

“The shorei tradition did not die out but lives in styles like Goju ryu/Uechi ryu/Ruyei ryu.

“The mariage of hard and soft is inherent to all karate, not just Goju or Shorei.

“The renaming of Toudi to Karate was decided in Okinawa in 1936 at the meeting of the masters on request of the Japanese.”

The second post was authored by James Stedman:

“In response to inquiry as to the genesis of the ISSHIN-SHORINJI-RYU system of Okinawa-Te I can share from my personal experience. I studied under Soke Robert Murphy here in northern New Jersey from the fall of 1968 until approximately 1980.He was a great instructor who had studied under Shimabuku, Tatsuo and his great mentor Don Nagle. Both men were popular and well sought out leaders in furthering the arts.ISSHIN-SHORINJI-RYU literally translated means ‘ spirit of the little forest temple’, referencing Shaolin traditions in their teachings of okinawan styled karate.Most noticeable diffences were the addition of full punch, not just vertical punch, deeper Zenkutsu stances and some really technical black belt forms. Also taught were Aikijitsu techniques and Kendo.Whereas SHORINJI was primarily designed by unarmed peasants to fight ‘inside the sword’, ISSHIN-SHORINJI added many forms for fighting ‘outside the sword’, including many weapons forms.

“I have lost contact with Soke Murphy over the last ten years, but, i don't know where else it is being taught now.I estimate that he probably taught several thousand different people at varying levels over the years.”

#117893 - 08/18/05 10:05 AM Re: Isshi Shorinji Ryu Style [Re: Chris Wissmann]
Chris Wissmann Offline

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 60
Sensei Lindgren:

Incidentally, following the material I received from Seinsi Vogt, I emailed Dan Hausel a few weeks ago at the University of Wyoming, who is the instructor at the Shorin-ryu Karate and Kobudo Club; he had no leads for you, Sensei Jensen, or Sensei Hageman. Looks like a neat instance of serendipity that you would find the FightingArts thread.

#117894 - 09/01/05 08:49 AM Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: Chris Wissmann]
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
Good Morning Mr. Wissmann:

I'm glad that you reposted the thread again, (puzzled/confused by the thread choice of location...) as I was having a bear of a time finding the file which I had placed the thread information in.... however.

Forgive me if this is previously "covered ground" as they say, (but -our need- compels me) essentially I need to locate a head-shot photograph of Mr. Murphy (Robert Murphy), we are updating our materials and wish to acknowledge his influence & his instruction in the "lineage" chart and materials.

Hence my request (re-request?), is there any way you could ask around, (assuming that you do not possess any of course)... we wish to acknowledge the man... and many, both now and in the future will wish to explore further (the who, what, etc.) I am confidant... in order to do so, a photograph of him is mandatory... as it stands his photograph is one of a very small list of "missing items" and diminishes his influence in some respects by that absence....

Could you assist us? Perhaps one of your associates, your instructors... somebody?

Jeff Balbirnie

#117895 - 10/01/05 07:11 PM Re: Isshi Shorinji Ryu Style [Re: Chris Wissmann]
hoffyph Offline

Registered: 03/27/03
Posts: 7
Loc: jersey city,NJ,USA
Chris, My sensi is Master Ralph Chirico. His dojo is located in Carteret N.J. He has taken over the Isshin Shoren Ji Ryu System. He was a student of Mr. Nagle and learned the Isshin Shorin Ji system under Mr. Murphy. We still practice the requirements and Katas as were taught to my instructor by Mr. Murphy.

#117896 - 10/06/05 12:14 AM Re: Isshi Shorinji Ryu Style [Re: hoffyph]
Chris Wissmann Offline

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 60
It's great to hear from you— thanks so much for getting this discussion going back in 2003, and for returning to it! And thank you for providing the correct spelling of Mister Chirico's name.

Which kata does Mister Chirico teach? (As you can tell, differences evolved between what Mister Heriaud and Mister Jensen taught; I'm curious to know where Mister Chirico, and presumably Mister Murphy, took the style.)

Are you or Mister Chirico still in touch with Mister Murphy? Does he still teach? I've searched the web pretty extensively, and have found little of substance about him.

Does Mister Chirico or his dojo have a website, and if so, what is the URL?

Finally, I hope you or someone at your dojo will contact Rod Lindgren directly and contribute to his video project. It looks like an extremely promising endeavor.

#117897 - 10/14/05 08:26 PM Re: Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: Ronin1966]
wiggy Offline

Registered: 10/14/05
Posts: 123
Loc: Massachusetts
Jeff, I was searching the web and found your posting. Are you looking for Soke Robert Murphy founder of Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te? The same Robert Murphy who was in NJ? He is my teacher (or at least was until I moved and he moved out of NJ)..... If so, let me know as I could contact him for you.

Carl Wighardt
"There is no right or wrong way, just a better way"... Soke Robert Murphy

#117898 - 10/15/05 07:00 PM Re: Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: wiggy]
Chris Wissmann Offline

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 60

As I stated in an earlier post, Mister Heriaud required a research paper as part of our black-belt test, and I would love to interview Soke Murphy for that paper. I would be extremely grateful if you could put me in touch with him. If you need my number, or want to tell me anything you don't wish to post online, please email me at <>.

#117899 - 10/21/05 12:04 PM Re: Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: Ronin1966]
chris12 Offline

Registered: 10/21/05
Posts: 115
I was an upprentice under Sensei Murphy as was Karl. I spent a long time studying with him and it makes me real happy to see some people trying to acknowledge him. Karl and I would sometimes start training at 7am and not go home till midnight. Sensei is a great person and teacher, so thank you for your efforts. Sensei is currently in Georgia, I spoke to him over a year ago but since have not been able to get in contact with him. I went to HS with his daughter which I have an email address for. I will contact her and try to get his number to let him know of your search.
Sensei has changed many of his ideas from the days of teaching in Dojos which hopefully you will appreciate. Again, thank you for acknowledging him. I will let you know what I find.

#117900 - 11/01/05 01:31 PM Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: chris12]
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
Good Morning Chris12:

I look forward eagerly to any help yourself or others in the martial community can be in this effort? We are doing lineage research and would sorely like some very particular bits of information, but anything of substance would be helpful and very much appreciated!!!

Precisely we are seeking head shot photography of Mr. Murphy, as well as several pieces of background information, dates, time-in, rankings and so forth.

Anyone who is willing to help this endeaver would be most appreciated. Please feel free to contact me offline Windwarrior@Msn.Com though I will check the forum as often as possible, however offline would be the most efficent method.

Most Gratefully,

#117901 - 11/04/05 02:38 PM Re: Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te Style [Re: Ronin1966]
Chris Wissmann Offline

Registered: 04/07/05
Posts: 60

Pretty much everything I know about Soke Robert Murphy is on this site, or on the links to other sites posted on this thread. I'm not sure where he is or how to contact him.

I actually don't even know what Soke Murphy looks like and don't know if I've ever seen a photo of him. I know I don't have a photo.

Here are the websites of two Isshin Shorinjiryu schools:

I'd ask the senseis at those dojos if they have a photo or if they know someone who might. The first is for the dojo of Ralph Chirico, whom I believe is a cofounder of the style, or at least one of its most significant early converts— I suspect that if anyone has a photo of Soke Murphy, it would be him.

Good luck! If you do find a picture, I hope you'll post it to this site and maybe even send me a high-res copy!

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