Friends, I am considering moving my practice down to Southern Florida (miami, Boca, Ft. Lauderdale..). I have recently started BJJ and wish to continue.

This is not a "Which school is right for me?" post. I can do my own research.

What I would like to ask about is a training method involving a proprietary "step" approach and inevitably a contract for those steps.

Let me explain. As a long time traditional Okinawan practioner, I have great desire to stay close to the root of a system. I have selected two schools in the Miami area. #1 is Gracie Miami. See . This school is instructed by two men who received thair belts directly from Helio. They teach with the proprietary, "approved" method.

With this method you pay for beginner lessons. 27, I believe. then you are eligible for the advanced step. You pay for x amount of lessons in that step. etc.etc.

School #2 is a Machado school, although the instructors are not Machado. See . This school teaches in a manner most are accustomed to. No set blocks of curriculum to speak of.

Does anyone have any experience with the "approved" Gracie step curriculum? Why don't all BJJ schools teach like this? If it were available to you would you train in this manner?

Apologies for such a long post. I would appreciate any input from any of you.


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