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#116665 - 12/16/01 08:07 AM ki in judo?
martinnitram Offline

Registered: 11/27/01
Posts: 108
Loc: england
I know karate and aikido etc derive its effectivness from the flow of ki, and i often hear how judo does too. The three most popular budo masters were Kano Funakoshi and Ueshiba, although i practice throws in aikijutsu i have never practiced judo, so maybe its just me being ignorant and having a lack of knowledge but i strugle to see how judo utilizes the flow of ki.

please expand.

#116666 - 06/06/02 06:43 PM Re: ki in judo?
gus Offline

Registered: 06/06/02
Posts: 67
Loc: dixon calif.usa
if you have ever played a player with a strong ki in judo.uke will move only when he or she wants .in judo you yeald to attack of defend,but a player with a strong kican glue himself to the mat.and nothing can is not t stressed much in judo except as a kiai. anymore.but its there if you learn to use it.

#116667 - 02/08/03 04:15 PM Re: ki in judo?
Geoff Offline

Registered: 02/07/03
Posts: 102
Loc: UK
Sorry no such thing as Ki, there are five things that improve performance, speed, strength, suppleness, stamina and skill.
Raising the level of any of these will improve personal performance and self confidence (which is probably number six on the list).

#116668 - 03/27/03 07:07 PM Re: ki in judo?
Scholar Offline

Registered: 03/05/03
Posts: 472
Loc: Brockton
Isn't the whole dynamic of judo that you absorb opponent's ki by yielding and emit it when throwing. Isn't the forces behind the push pull principle what ki is. Also isn't the ki used by the mind in followthrough Couldn't the "listening you do feeling what the opponent is doing" be being mindful of their ki. Isn't rooting the weight using ki as in downward intent. Isn't there also lifting intent and more. Isn't being certain mind frames allowing you to express your ki?

#116669 - 03/28/03 11:41 AM Re: ki in judo?
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
Sorry, I'm with Geoff on this one.

No such thing as Ki.

#116670 - 06/15/03 09:35 AM Re: ki in judo?
kempo_jujitsu Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 1914
Loc: illinois, usa
i would say yes, ki has long been a part of jujutsu..which is where judo comes from. it is known that kano even taught some kyusho jutsu applications (pressure points)in his judo...and the correlating katsu or energy restoration techniques...which all have to do with the flow of ki through the body. infact traditional chinese medecine probably japanese based almost entirely on the flow of ki. but alot of people dont teach ki..or chi...because noone has the patience to learn it..they concentrate on the physical elements only. but it (at least to me) should be a part of the arts it is central to aiKIdo..and taiCHIchuan. so why shouldnt it be in others as well.
some say the concept of ki is just the asian way of explainin things...we would use terms like leverage, balance, gravity and biomechanics (at least as it applies directly to techniques)
some swear by it like morihei ueshiba, funakoshi, and kano..even bruce lee believed in ki. others simply dismiss it as john and geoff (sorry guys). maybe because they have never trained in it, or dont understand it or maybe because they dont feel they need it, or they simply dont believe it exists. at any rate they made their decision as everyone has to find their own way...if ki works for you do it...if you dont believe it..dont, whatever works for you.
ki...internal energy i think is a poor translation...spirit, essence, soul is better i think...and most americans are christians...and thus have no doubt of the existance of their soul and that jesus christ will save that soul is it really so far fetched to believe in ki? after all..there is no PROOF of the existance of god right..its taken on FAITH. thats like me tellin you "no such thing as god"...its all a matter of opinion in the end, and i dont think we'll know the truth until were dead..if even then lol
just because you dont believe something, doesnt mean its not true.
but just because you believe in something, doesnt PROVE its true either. but personally i believe in the power of the mind...and suggestion and things like maybe if you truly believe in is real (for you)....and if you dont...maybe its not..who knows...

#116671 - 06/16/03 04:19 PM Re: ki in judo?
immrtldragon Offline

Registered: 05/22/03
Posts: 1540
Loc: Just outside Philadelphia, PA
I have always thought ki is energy and it has always been translated as such (when explained to me). Using that definition, Judo most certainly uses ki. Your opponent pushes (w/ ki), you pull (w/ki): he pulls (w/ ki), you push (w/ ki). As with Aikido, you harmonize with your opponent to throw him or trip/sweep him. As far as the spiritual side of ki, I BELIEVE it can be developed...but then again, what do I know?

#116672 - 02/03/04 03:46 PM Re: ki in judo?

Everything according to Asian science everthing has KI in it. Yes Judokas have Ki when they are relaxed, focused, balanced like when performing a throw.

I think Judo uses the concept of KI in that it tries to take away the opponents KI by off-balancing him, breaking his concentration and forcing him to the ground.

#116673 - 02/08/04 03:28 PM Re: ki in judo?
Raul Perez Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 08/08/02
Posts: 2805
Loc: Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, USA
I'm with JohnL and Geoff.



#116674 - 02/17/04 07:43 AM Re: ki in judo?
Tanigawa Sensei Offline

Registered: 01/10/04
Posts: 8
Loc: UK
The best way to answer this is to ask simple questions.

1. What is Ki?
A. The flow of energy.

2. How is Ki used in Judo?
A. You push me I step out of the way you keep moving forward, if I have hold of you I can turn my arms and throw you.

3. Is Ki some form of magic or supernatural force.
A. No the simplist way to define Ki is to describe it use the use of energy.

A classic example of the use of Ki is in a counter to Uchi Mata, Uke turns in to throw, Tori steps out of the way and throws with Uke Otoshi. The counter will not work if Uke does not commit himself to the throw (all his energy) Tori will not be able to throw unless he takes Uke's energy and throws with it. For reference you will find this in a book called Judo Kata by Eric Bartlett under Kaeshi-no-Kata.

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