I have not researched the forum type completely yet, but if the forum administrator is intersted, I maybe able to find out more information on another forum format (I believe thats what it is called), that would be better suited to go against trolls. In another forum I go to, it allows you to ignore members, so their posts are blocked out. This way, if a troll comes, everyone just ignores him, and he knows it, he will have no need for it. Although playing with trolls are fun, there are better things we could be doing. IP banning them wont work, since there are ways to get around IP bans. My school has firewalls they think are safe, but by going around them, which if you want me to tell you, email me, I can access pornography in school. I don't do this, but that is just an example. I use this method/program/[confusing thing here] in order to play games :P.

Moderators, please tell me of your ideas on this.