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#110660 - 04/22/05 04:02 PM Street crime UK
mark Offline
sword of magnamity

Registered: 03/04/03
Posts: 1284
Loc: uk
In the UK we have a TV series “ street crime UK”

It is a fly on the wall series that has a camera man following police officers around Britain’s city centres, filming them deal with the drunken violence that is plaguing our country.

It is very explicit with nothing beeped or edited, including the violence.

My point is this, all I see is Police officers fully equipped and supposedly training in defensive skills, LOOK TOTAL MUPPETS.

1 copper just got 4 punches strike him, he had plenty of warning, but went into the situation with his arms behind his back, he just stood and got punched.
His 3 colleagues just froze, total Balls up.

After wards he is seen close up on camera and complaining about his “facial injuries”…err…. there weren’t any!!
So was this such a “shock” to him that he “whited out”? if so what the hell is this coppers defensive skills training based on.

Another time, it is ludicrous to see 5 coppers NOT able to control 1 medium sized person.
They just look like total amateurs, no skills what so ever.

I served in the police and have worked for many years in the private security industry.
I hope I never looked as rubbish as these Coppers,.

It really is worth a look guys, real world violence etc.. good to watch the signs of escalation and wonder if we would do better?

Very different to the USA programs COPS, where EVERYONE is just question/detained at gun point, seems to work rather well!!!!

I know of 2 UK copper that post here Lea and Cato, do you watch this guys and cringe like I do?



#110661 - 05/05/05 03:11 PM Re: Street crime UK [Re: mark]
molossus Offline

Registered: 05/04/05
Posts: 3
I don't think it's anything to do with training but more to do with the fact that there is a TV crew there. Most crims thses days are fully aware that they can get a nice payout from any legal action they take against a PC who allegedly assaults them. The fact there is evidence on film there adds to this. The PC will get no back up from management who are too busy looking after their own careers. I've been there on several occasions as a prison and police officer and it isn't nice. The flip side of that is that if the officer is assaulted he gets a nice week or 2 off sick, a tidy sum from the CICA and a possible commendation for bravery. If there is evidence on film, all the better.

#110662 - 05/10/05 11:40 AM Re: Street crime UK [Re: mark]
monkey128 Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 1
Loc: uk

I served in the police and have worked for many years in the private security industry.
I hope I never looked as rubbish as these Coppers,.

I don't know how much training you had when you were a police officer Mark, but personally I've had roughly 5 hours worth with a slapdash assessment to boot.

The only way we can improve on this is by taking something up ourselves.

As molossus said, the bad guys will jump on any chance to sue the arses off the police, which if it's a result of your actions will usually result in a bollocking of your inspector.

#110663 - 08/04/05 12:48 AM Re: Street crime UK [Re: monkey128]
FoxEatsFowl Offline

Registered: 11/10/04
Posts: 1
Loc: Euclid, Ohio USA
That is the problem not enough training. In Japan you have to have a Black Belt in Judo or Aikido, before entering the force and the continue your studies in Kendo and Taihojutsu. Three JP's can clear a bar. I have trained many police, FBI, INS, and Special Forces and found that their base training is a joke. If you are wearing ballistic vest with trauma plates you can be smothered with the old Yawara "Kesa Gatame" or scarf holddown. I have had 15yr old kids choke out Cops in my class. I would suggest an art that covers all based armed/unarmed,striking and grappling. Most Police even suck on the firing range. All in all, never stop learning and never stop training! Shear reliance on numbers can get you killed quick against a trained fighter. Awareness should also be a part of this as well. This is why only 1% of all Black Belts become 2nd Dans. I would suggest more combative arts like Kenpo jujutu, and Nimpo which have been used in combat for over 900 years. Practice,practice,and practice!

#110664 - 08/04/05 12:08 PM Re: Street crime UK [Re: FoxEatsFowl]
funstick5000 Offline

Registered: 07/16/05
Posts: 759
Loc: West Yorkshire, England
i think they should have a fair bit of training in whatever art teaches you to use the tonfa, which is what a standard truncheon is - how many coppers actually know how to use theirs properly? does anyone know.
Go seek the advise of a qualified instructor.


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