Mine would have to be a Black Male Adult. Let me get the story rolling.

I was on detail in California protecting someone who is a high profile celebrity, something I usually donít do. It was a three-day gig and nothing ever happened while we where off her property, but something happened on the property. I was overlooking the new surveillance system that her security staff had put together, as I was doing so I noticed a (BMA)- Black Male Adult coming over the back fence. Her regular security man was off and it was just me. I went around the side of the house and came up on the man walking towards the home. I didnít see any weapons so I went ahead and approached him. As I did so he ran right at me full speed and I side stepped him and blasted him with a nice shot of Freeze +P while he was getting up. No effect on him what so ever, so he came back at me and I struck him in the face with a nice strike and he fell just alittle to the side.

Me being stupid in my early days as a bodyguard had let him get hold of my Freeze + P. Not good he came up spraying and I just kept dropping elbows and knees on the back of this guys head and side. He was able to get to his feet at which time I backed off and dropped out my ASP and he rushed in again, I cross struck his thighs and gave him a nice shot on the left shoulder. At which point he dropped. I got on his back and got the cuffs on him and got the police out there.

Reason I bring this up is even when I was a police officer I never had as much trouble with anyone like this guy. Yeah he was about 250, 6í plus and Iím 6í 210 so a good match. But I had made a mistake with this guy by letting him get my O.C. and from that encounter I have never lost anything I carry again. He did press charges for the lumps on his head and a dislocated shoulder but he didnít win. Reason being is that when you come onto someoneís private property and your high as a kite on Meth you usually wont win your case. It was a good learning lesson for my career.