to all posters of this thread:

whether its against POLICY or not, the most potent use of a ma technique with a suspect is the CHOKE HOLD. it has never failed me or any officer i know and i have over 10 years exp as a LEO. politically correct systems/techniques that come and go (just like fashion trends) ALWAYS drop to the wayside sooner or later, BUT, the CHOKE HOLD is ALWAYS there and effective. i cannot count how many times as a patrol officer i have INTELLIGENTLY applied this technique to larger and stronger opponents and it has ALWAYS submitted them. once i have applied this technique, it has NEVER been defeated (i cannot say that about ANY other technique).

the CHOKE HOLD is not sexy, it is not glorious or mysterious, it is not a product of a foreign culture, it is simple to apply and if applied long enough it is LETHAL.

as mentioned above, it is not politically correct, BUT it will save an officers life.

because of its lethality it is not for untrained people to apply...but it works every time; simple and brutal.

when/if my life is threatened, i will take the paperwork for the use of an unapproved technique rather then suffer severe injury or death.


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