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#110435 - 10/29/04 10:00 PM Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?

I personally have five different Glocks and three Kimber9111 for my handguns. I also have a H&K MP5 full auto capability, M-4, M-16 that has an M-203 grenade launcher on it, two SKS’s one Russian and one Chinese and three tactical sniper rifles that I will not talk about.

But my question to everyone that owns handguns or rifles what do you prefer? What is your bread and butter of the gun world?

#110436 - 10/30/04 02:48 AM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?

Do you think you have enough guns? Just a joke, the more, the better! I'm a Glock man. Rifles, mmm I'll say Remington 700 series, affordable and accurate. Shotguns, Mossberg, affordable, reliable. Subs, MP5. And of course, military.. the old M60.


#110437 - 11/09/04 01:56 AM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?
Big Bear Offline

Registered: 07/15/03
Posts: 1068
Loc: Northern Ireland
I don't know too much about firearms but we are standard issued witht the Glock 17. It seems to be a real sweet number. I have also fired the MP5 which was a real treat. An absolutely fantastic gun to fire.

#110438 - 11/28/04 09:46 PM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?
kman Offline

Registered: 05/15/03
Posts: 368
Loc: minnesota
my favorite handgun is a colt 1911 commander thats had the combat/carry package done by a good gunsmith with the glock 23 or 19 as a close second.I prefer shotguns over rifles for police/security work. 12 gage pump with an 18 1/2 inch barrel. Brand isn't nearly as important as operator skill and mindset As for rifles,,AR-15 or M-4 variant for general duty. For serious accuracy and hitting power I have a savage model 10 short action in .308 with a heavy barrel fitted with a target trigger and a 10x mildot scope. It holds 1/2 a minute of angle with lake city match ammo. K-

#110439 - 11/29/04 09:51 AM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?

Glock 22c

Glock 27

H&K USP 9mm

Remington 870 Shotgun

Colt M-16 (Military surplus)

#110440 - 11/29/04 01:08 PM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?
MartinR Offline

Registered: 01/14/04
Posts: 109
Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
Glock 19 - on-duty & some off duty carry. (Fits my hand better than Glock 21, and I like the reputation for reliability of the 9mm Glocks).

North American Arms (NAA) Guardian - general BUG (Backup Gun) & off duty carry. .32ACP

NAA Mini-Mag revolver occassional off-duty carry. .22MAG

Remington 870 w/ 18" barrel. Everyone but everyone has to have a pump shotgun, & this matches the local department issue. 12Gauge

Bushmaster AR-15 w/ 16" barrel - MOA accuracy in a small package. .223 Remmington

.22 DA revolver - best beginner cartridge handgun. (Cheap ammo, low recoil, simple). (Mine is a Taurus model 94).

Quality .357 MAG revolver (Ruger, S&W, Taurus, or Colt). This generally would be my recommendation for a novice or infrequent handgun shooter who wants to have a handgun for self defense, but is not willing to practice with a semi-auto to maintain proficiency. Use .38Spl for training but capable of using magnum loads for self defense. (I've got a Ruger SP-101, but there are several good options).

Ruger Mk-II - a great.22LR beginner pistol for someone who is interested in later stepping up to a semi-auto center fire handgun. Cheap to practice with and safe to dry-fire without damaging firing pin.

Your fellow gun-nut,


#110441 - 11/29/04 10:11 PM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?




If you guys ever hit my town let me know I will buy all the rounds we need and we will go blast the you know what out of everything at this outdoor site I know.

P.S. I will bring the Flash Bangs for fun. And some new O.C. grenades I just got in.


#110442 - 11/30/04 12:42 AM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?
mark Offline
sword of magnamity

Registered: 03/04/03
Posts: 1284
Loc: uk
Its a different world!!

Im English, I recently took a trip to London. Ambled by our houses of parliament.

And I was absolutely fascinated to see the fire arms that our police were carrying, oh sure I had seen police with MP5`s and glocks at airports. But to see them walking our streets with them, well, I (and most other Brits) just stared at them in awe….

And yet here you talk about the veritable arsenals that you carry/own as a matter of course..

And to think Britain is supposed to have one of the toughest gun laws in the world..
I cant even own a single barrel 4-10 shotgun!!!

As for flashbangs………………….

Oh well I think I will have to stick to playing counterstike on the net….



#110443 - 12/01/04 08:40 PM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?

Para-Ordnance P-13 in .45 ACP

But like the man says, the only reason for a handgun is to fight your way to a rifle.

Colt Target Model AR-15

#110444 - 12/02/04 05:34 PM Re: Glock-N-Roll. What is your favorite weapon?
kman Offline

Registered: 05/15/03
Posts: 368
Loc: minnesota
OC,,where do ya live? too friggin cold up here to recreate outdoors without a snowsuit until about april. I hope you live someplace warm. I'll take you up on that offer of free ammo. you'll be a pauper when the part is over LOL.BTW,,I wonder how flash bangs would work for fishing? K-

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