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#110413 - 10/13/04 08:27 PM Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

Hey guys, just like to say I'm a teenager, who's 1 year into a career as a lifelong Karate student. We study Goju karate at my school. I was thinking of going to University in a few years, and have choice of a few different martial arts to cross-train in. I've been looking and staying with Karate and getting my black belt eventually, but I wanted to go for another art as well.
I'd like to be a LEO one day, and am wondering if Kali, with it's weapons fighting, would be practical or applicable for knife/bat wielding subjects. I also thought that it would vastly improve my skill using any Police-issue batons. What about Hapkido, and it's applications?
Any help/words of wisdom or criticism would be appreciated, and no, I'm not asking anyone to decide for me, just looking for help or what you'd do in my shoes.

#110414 - 10/14/04 11:02 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

Find something you enjoy. It can be very difficult training in two Martial Arts at the same time. One can really take a lot of attention from the other and can slow your progress. If you are interested in earning your Black Belt, make that your focus. Meet a significant goal first at least before begining a new style.

As far as Police work? There are many programs that deal with armed assailants, some more practical than others. Don't be starstruck by the dazzling gee whiz techniques designed to impress. The best tactical options for dealing with weapons are usually the simplest and score the lowest on the cool meter.

Along with being issued a Police Baton, you will receive a standard minimum amount of training that will "certify" you. You will have to recertify periodically in it's use for liability purposes. Get caught "expired" and have an incident where you used your baton anyway and you can lose a lot more than you care to think about. Use a baton technique that you learned outside of your certification and injure someone beyond what was reasonable? Owtch.

A lot to think about.

Just train and have a good time.

#110415 - 10/15/04 11:03 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

Yeah, thanks alot. I'll try to take what you said to heart.

#110416 - 10/28/04 02:24 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

Fletch, you're just good. Great advise. The only thing I would add to what Fletch said is that it is not uncommon to train in many arts over a period of time. His advise about training in ONE at time is really important. Take the time to become reasonably proficient at one system. It may not be the system you stay with the rest of your life but will give a reference by which to judge a lot of things, including that system itself later on.

- KiDoHae

#110417 - 11/05/04 03:55 AM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

kali would be very useful to you. I'm not sure about your local police but most are going to the asp batton.....and kali/escrima is a must if you want the best training for that application...also the knife work will be invaluable to you on the street as a police officer.

[This message has been edited by GroundAndPound2000 (edited 11-05-2004).]

#110418 - 11/13/04 07:52 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

i do alot of hapkido and it can really help out in some situations

#110419 - 11/17/04 10:19 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

have to agree on the idea for kali, - have not found another martial art that has any idea on defence from weapons (although there are some wonderful tech's in kubudo) be warned though that there are many kali/arnis/eskrima schools that will only teach fluffy pretty things - beware of them showing you a "stick form"

many departments worldwide will use the asp baton (wonderful peice of gear) but also face many restictions on its use - areas where you are allowed to hit etc (this is a liability issue) by all means protect yourself no matter what - but in the event that an assailant is badly hurt and want to sue - your organisation may simply say that "the wounds sustained in the altercation were not in accordance with our training program" and leave you to organise your defence by yourself

good luck in your career

#110420 - 11/17/04 10:26 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

also meant to add that a good kali school will include a good unarmed component and show you many of the locks, and holds like you can find in hapkido or ju jitsu

#110421 - 01/16/05 10:58 PM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...

If you really like Hapkido, go with it, but also find a soft martial art to balance it, like aikido, just to give yourself added options. Kali is great at takedowns, but be aware of which Kali style your looking at. Some of them can get very brutal and 'inconsiderate' in what fighters have to do to each other (ie, 'he can't hit me if he doesn't have an arm' kind of stuff.) A better style to look at in that same vein would probably be escrima.

#110422 - 01/26/05 01:06 AM Re: Which should I choose? Hapkido?Kali?Jujitsu...
Spanky-77 Offline

Registered: 03/03/04
Posts: 176
Loc: Kansas City, MO USA
I would recommend that you look at the PD that you are going to apply to and see what their DT is based off of. Mine is mostly Judo & BJJ. The Department will teach you what you need to know but if you employ any other techniques that they didn't teach you beware...Lawsuits are sometimes waiting. That is not to say that when someone is reaching for your gun that you cannot do what is necessary to defend yourself. You also have to beware of many of the techniques that are taught in MA because you could leave your gun open for a gungrab or taser. I would say check out BJJ or JJ, but you will always want to stay on your feet if possible, especially if there are about 5 other thugs waiting to jump in on the action.


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