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#110327 - 07/02/04 06:15 PM Funny but annoying story
Telepath Offline

Registered: 06/14/04
Posts: 176
Loc: miami, Florida
ok.. my uncle was at a bar right... in a bad part of town.. I live in miami Florida.. thats where this takes in those days my uncle and my father were known as the GG brothers and were pretty bad characters..."dirty deeds done dirt cheap" was a phrase they used alot..... that explains why they were at such a my uncle was alone and as he was leaving this young female went over and grabbed his junk a "good" way.. so0o she led him outside , straight to the three guys with baseball bats...well the girl left and my uncle was pissed.. someone called the cops.. by the time the cops got their they see one guy on the floor with a broken leg and broken cheek bone, another guy that actually had his Forarm bone, i think the ulna maybe, popped in nie places and four roken ribs.. bolth unconcuois and the third guy still being beaten by his own baseball bat in my uncles hand...

Well after seeing this the cops arrested my turned into a whole big problem...

#110328 - 07/07/04 11:56 AM Re: Funny but annoying story

You are a stupid degenerate fag. Your posts mean nothing. Go kill yourself right now!

#110329 - 07/07/04 11:51 PM Re: Funny but annoying story
Telepath Offline

Registered: 06/14/04
Posts: 176
Loc: miami, Florida
ok lets analize this...stupid degenerate fag...hmm.. well lets see how am i stupid, the post had nothing to do with me; degenerate, hmm, well so i am declining on some way of something, don;t see how it is related to my post being that again it had nothing to do with me, fag...well nothin in here states anything having to do with me or my sexual prefrence...

if my post was so bad maybe more people would have written that because they sure do when you post your stories... from what i have read most of the people that actually know what their talking about find you to be an inconsiderate imbecile.

the truth is that your post means absolutly nothing, don't go kill yourself, just don't come back until you are 1 a decent person, 2 actually have some good knwledge on martial arts and it's virtues, 3 know what your talking about before you ramble on someone

#110330 - 07/20/04 02:47 AM Re: Funny but annoying story

Telepath, your dad and uncle are scumbags, it probablly runs in the family.

Your story is bullshit, you actually expect us to beleive it?

I'm not calling you a degenerate fag, degenerates and fags would be offended.

#110331 - 07/20/04 06:25 PM Re: Funny but annoying story
Telepath Offline

Registered: 06/14/04
Posts: 176
Loc: miami, Florida
hey if you don't beleive it then thats fine i didn't write it for you, you think its funny to talk about my family but come to miami and talk about my family that way and i will have you delt with, you ****ing arrogant schmuck

i do have alot of repect for some people here like Scott, fisherman, Mr V, because these people and otehrs actually worked real hard to acheive the level their at....

And then there's people like you that think they know everything, oh if it doesent happen to them it doesent happen in general... Did you even realize that back in the 80's here in miami it was nicknamed the Cocain cowboys period because it became like the old west, people were shotting each other in the middle of the street all the time. thats why they had to change the law and now if you even get caught with a gun while commiting any crime its mandatory 10 year sentence, thats without firing the gun, if you fire it and don't hit anyone its 20 mandatory, if you hit someone its 25 to life... these new laws changed everything and alot of the stuff that used to happen can't really go on anymore, but it did go on

a quote taken from a history site [url][/url

"In the roaring 1980s, the Miami area gained prominence as the major East Coast entry port for drug dealers, their product and the unbelievable sums of money that went along with them. A plethora of businesses and buildings sprung up all over Miami, and the downtown was completely remodeled. But it was still a city being reborn while in the grip of drug smugglers: shootouts and gangland slayings by cocaine cowboys were common. The police, Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Agency, Border Patrol and FBI were in a tizzy trying to keep track of it all. And then it happened: Miami Vice."

[This message has been edited by Telepath (edited 07-20-2004).]

#110332 - 07/23/04 07:31 PM Re: Funny but annoying story

Hey, not all people get in a fight, just because you have not been in a situation doesn't mean the story's bullsh*t... His uncle was prepared.

#110333 - 08/10/04 02:09 AM Re: Funny but annoying story
Wolfpack Offline

Registered: 04/23/04
Posts: 124
Loc: Langley B.C. Canada
I don't find this story overly outragious.
I mean the chance of the uncle doing that much damage to his attackers is unlikely but not unheard of right? I could easily see this happening, and no need to start name calling. Everyone loses respect for you is you start doing something like that when you were not provoked.


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