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Some of you are in agencies and Orgs. that have limited weaponry allowed. What is you policy AND how do You approch a subject you belive or know has MA or combat training?

Is the Policy effective?

Is the way you do it effective?

Any "War" stories? (I love those)


This is reaaly good! I tried almost the same thing in the "MA Talk" with the thread "Recogizing a Threat". It was basically for the same reason but it is probably more appropriate here. As LEOs we do this day in and day out. First, I think that it is possible for an LEO who is also a martial artist to pick up on a guy with MA training. A guy who thinks he's Bruce Lee is easy of course but I think you can read the body language and pick up on the non-verbals of someone. An LEO who doesn't do MAs may also recognize subtle cues as a potential threat but with a different frame of reference.

"War Story" for Doughnut: About 6 years ago I was locking up two Lebonese guys in Brooklyn. My partner and I had arrested both of them before. They were an uncle and nephew (the uncle was younger, go figure). They both "came of age" in Beirut, Lebonon, during the 80's and were not "typical" bad guys. The uncle was the brains of the pair. The nephew was a body builder, about 5'7", powerfully built but kind of sloppy looking and gave the impression that he was not at his fighting wieght. Over the course of about an hour the uncle talked, while the nephew just smiled and didn't say much. When they got the idea that they MIGHT be getting locked up again the nephew's happy demeanor and body language changed subtly. It was not overt and threatening but his eyes, breathing and movements had a certain familiarity that you only see in a dojo. I watched him carefully for several minutes and then discreetly let him know that he was not the only one present with "skills". In the end they were well behaved. A few months later I found out from the uncle that his older nephew was a 2nd Dan in TKD. He had competed for a time and was supposed to be halfway decent. He got very stressed at the thought of having to go to Riker's Island and thought about fighting and running. He didn't because (in a lucid moment) he thought that it wouldn't be worth it AND that he understood I was also an MA. That posed a problem for him because he was uncertain about whether he would get past the "fight" stage. Nothing dramatic about this, just an example that seems appropriate here. For the record my partner, an experienced and very perceptive LEO, only thought he was "a little hokey" and didn't pick up on the cues I did.

Regarding the policy question there is only the broad use of force standards. There is no specific distinction involving an MA or anyone else with "training". It could possibly come in to play later when evalauting what was "reasonable and necessary" and in the context that it occurred.

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