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#110019 - 10/08/03 01:51 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
Sweeney Offline

Registered: 07/10/03
Posts: 342
Loc: New York, USA
Kman, you seem well informed. We now have this thread going in two places, though (I had pretty much abandoned this one). The sawed-off shotgun case was 1939. You'll see some of my other responses on the other thread, and I suggest we continue it there. BTW, I'm also a Life Member of the NRA, since about 1992. Let's not forget that Jeff Cooper warned Second Amendment advocates not to allow themselves to be divided and conquered. If the antique-firearms guys say the Second Amendment applies only to their weapons and not "modern" ones, and the hunting types take the same position as to their weapons (i.e., only "sporting" weapons), and so on, there is no voice of unity. I personally do not believe the word "arms" in the Second Amendment could possibly be restricted to firearms, and I certainly DO believe that any text-based or originalist interpretation of the Second Amendment must include nunchaku, given the nunchaku's history. Whether the courts will agree is another matter. In the final analysis, though, I have more hope in an alternative source built on "right to privacy" case law (Ninth Amendment, substantive due process, etc.).

But the bottomn line question is this: can a government be anything less than totalitarian if it threatens to imprison its citizens for up to a year for the mere possession of a pair of sticks connected by a cord in the privacy of the citizen's own home for legitimate martial arts purposes and with no element of malicious intent? The techniques of using the nunchaku as a weapon arose under the regime of one oppressive government in the 1600s. Can another government that 400 years later bans even that simple farm-implement-turned-weapon undre threat of imprisonment be any less oppressive? Can the Constitution that I took an oath to uphold when I got my Navy commission in 1980 allow all that? I hope not.

[This message has been edited by Sweeney (edited 10-08-2003).]

#110020 - 10/08/03 03:00 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
kman Offline

Registered: 05/15/03
Posts: 368
Loc: minnesota
Could you do an end run around the law by claiming your numchuks to be a rice flail as they were before they were weaponized? how about if a store markets them as such and issues you a reciept for them as a farm implement? Imagine yourself in court introducing a farm implement catalog into evidence so you could support the argument.LMAO.

#110021 - 10/17/03 04:42 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
malanr Offline

Registered: 05/30/03
Posts: 66
You know, this reminds me of that Indiana jones movie when the guy with the big sword threatens to kill him, then Jones just shoots the guy.

Which weapon was more dangerous? HUMMMMMM?!

#110022 - 01/12/04 09:14 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
pod3 Offline

Registered: 01/11/04
Posts: 62
You could do like the martial artists of old, and make legal improvisations. But PRACTICAL enforcement of these laws is definitely within the realm of "discretionary," regardless of your state or county. The presense of the weapons will be used to prove intent if, and only if, they want to - no matter where you are. I've played cleancut, but not kiss-assy, and have amazing things returned to me on the street in southern CA.

#110023 - 03/24/04 04:27 AM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
ninjitsu Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 4
Loc: Canada
Heres my crappy situation:
I live in Canada and cops searched my house and found 60 something throwing stars, 2 mini pistol crossbows, 5 butterfly (balisong) knives, 4 or 5 pairs of nunchaku, blow gun. They also took some throwing knives and my sais which i know are not illegal. He said i would get what ever back that was not illegal. I just got busted and arrested a few days ago and got to go to court at the end of April. I dont know how they deal with this in Canada but i would hate to have a criminal record or even have to get locked up. You imagine being in jail with murders and rapists, and them asking you why you are in there, " uh i had a few sticks being held together with a chain" LOL. I really dont want to be any ones bitch. Any ways i guess i have to call a lawyer here soon and find out how serious this is. The shi--y part about it is they were all display and for training in my own house. Never left the house, i guess they dont care though, something really has to be done with this law. Its totally @ss backwards. I mean why dont i just stock up on some guns [IMG][/IMG]

#110024 - 03/24/04 06:53 AM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
schanne Offline
breaks things

Registered: 02/18/04
Posts: 4370
Loc: Woodbury NJ
Illegal, who cares.

#110025 - 03/24/04 01:41 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
immrtldragon Offline

Registered: 05/22/03
Posts: 1540
Loc: Just outside Philadelphia, PA didn't really mention why they searched your house to begin with. I know it wasn't a random martial arts weapons search. Wouldn't they need a warrant to search your house?

#110026 - 03/24/04 08:22 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
dj1023 Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 87
Loc: Asia
Hello all

i live in jakarta indonesia and the rule of nunchakus here might seem a little odd.

in jakarta, it is illegal to carry a firearm for ordinary citizens unless licensed by the police or other government security body (this pretty much means paying the officials a load of money for a license which often by passes med check or psychology test hence guns are a social status owned by the rich elites) or any other sharp object which could be used as a weapon (this includes ice picks believe it or not)

however nunchakus are not exactly illegal bearing in mind that they do not fall in the sharp object category.

i say not exactly illegal because it depends on the officer who's asking. (unfortunately indonesian police officers are known to be corrupt and some higher ranking officers even admitted taking bribes...although it has somewhat changed, anyways...)

if the guy who pulled over your car turns out to be a nice officer then he/she won't detain you (nunchakus aren't in the weapon ban list) however if the officer who pulled you over has a chip on his shoulder,you're locked up.

an interesting story is that i was met an ice carpenter who was arrested for carrying an ice pick but failed to prove the officers with "legal papers" to prove his profession.
he was released later after making "peace" with the arresting officers.

conclusion :

you can carry nunchakus around in your neighborhood, as long as your not injuring anyone, even carry it in your car .

nunchakus aren't illegal in indonesia (depending on the officer who's questioning / pulling you over)



#110027 - 03/25/04 12:15 AM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
ninjitsu Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 4
Loc: Canada
Actually its pretty emabarassing how they searched my house. My girlfriend is from the other side of the country and was basically in a wreck as she misses her family. And me going to work on night shift doesnt help. She was crying pretty loudly that day, i live in a 6plex and my ex girlfriend (who hates me with a passion ) lives on the other side of the wall. So she called the police, as a "domestic disturbance" 2 Police arrive, I answer door, while girlfriend was in bedroom not wanting to talk to cops. Cops want to talk to each of us seperatly to probably ask us diferent questions, 1 cop was coming down stairs where the broom is and i told him to go upstairs and i would get her out. He would not and said he had the right to go down there as it was a domestic disturbance. Sure enough the old lady opens the door to talk to cop and all my throwing stars are on the wall. Like a banner effect for display. Thats how i got arrested on Saint Patricks Day. The said they could either get a search warrant or i could sighn for them to search. I said "if you get a search warrant, whats going to stop me from stashing these weapons" The cop said that only 1 cop would leave while the other one stayed with me. I dont know if this is BS but maybee i should of contacted a lawyer then. They said it would look better in court if i signed the search papers. So i did, stupid? [IMG][/IMG]

#110028 - 03/25/04 01:29 PM Re: Nunchaku illegal in your home?
immrtldragon Offline

Registered: 05/22/03
Posts: 1540
Loc: Just outside Philadelphia, PA
Not's always best to cooperate. Good luck.

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