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#109235 - 05/10/04 03:45 PM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words
badmamajama Offline

Registered: 11/06/03
Posts: 1509
i like creatives definition better fits more properly. [IMG][/IMG]

#109236 - 08/21/04 03:23 PM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words

[QUOTE]Originally posted by WADO:
Politics really comes from the word meaning manners, to be polite or politic are considered the same. The meaning is that people in politics say what is polte not necessarily what is true.[/QUOTE]

Well, politics actually means the study or activity of the "polis" which is the greek word for city. Since Western political thought drew heavily from Greek sources during its development, this makes sense. Aristotle, in perhaps the first comparative study of governments included a study of many different cities (in his book, The Politics), as those were the higher levels of government at the time.
Going a little further back, Plato (with his penchant for abstraction to find the truth) wanted to find the perfect city to find the perfect person.

"Man is a political animal" is a misquoted statement that many take to mean as devious or cunning. Back then, political also just meant "social". Being "civil" goes back to this, as "civil" refers to "city (polis)" and civilization. From the social interactions involved in politics comes the word "polite" I believe.

I know you were kidding about the whole poli tics things, but I just wanted to ramble.

Anyway, as this is a martial arts about the word "uke" which many people translate into English as "block". I like to think they are no "blocks" in karate...the word uke comes from the verb ukeru, which just literally means "to receive". Makes you think...

#109237 - 10/26/04 06:33 PM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words


I've always been told hentai meant perverted. Is there a way that is can mean both?

#109238 - 02/18/05 04:51 PM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words

This is an old thread now but I just noticed it and found it interesting. If anyone else is interesting in carrying it on, I'm most eager to learn from knowlegeable people... Just wanted to say something about the kanji "nin", as in ninja. One of the several possible meanings of this word is "patience". As far as I know, this meaning is the original one from Chinese, since I don't know any other meanings to "nin"(yeah, the pronounciation is about the same as in Japanese) in Mandarin Chinese. The ideogram represents indeed the key "blade" on top of the key "heart". Very eloquent way indeed to depict patience: a blade on the heart... An interesting thing to notice is that Asians consider the heart to be the true home of the mind. Not the brain, which is just considered a tool for cerebral processes. This extends the field of interpretations of the word... As for the japanese meanings, the parallel between "patience" and "stealth" or "hidden" can have occurred in different manners, and I can only try for lucky guesses, but the following two make sense to me. Reminds me of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, The Telltale Heart, where a man is creeping into another's bedroom to kill him, and is said to be moving "even slowlier than the hands of the clock", making a perfectly silent approach to the victim by taking several hours to walk just a few yards... This kind of technique is a possible explanation of how the art of stealth came to be referred to on a litteral level as the art of patience, hence blending both meanings in one word. But "nin" can be understood as "secret" or "hidden" as well. those senses may just come naturally from the former "stealth" meaning, or may have on the contrary preceded and caused it. The hidden and secret knowlege can indeed be distinguished from the common, immidiately available knowlege by the long time necessary to at last access it. Hence referring to "hidden" or "secret" things as "patience" things, as opposed to the non-secret ones requiring no preparatory process (long search, long studies, unlocking...)before they can be accessed...
Wow! That's a very long post, for such a monosyllabic word as "nin"!...

#109239 - 08/12/06 02:45 AM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words [Re: raccoon]
shizari Offline

Registered: 08/12/06
Posts: 1
Hi, I'm just searching for someone who might be able to tell me what some Japanese words translate as just from the single word. I've had the problem where one word can have lots of different meanings.
So the words I'm interested in are:






Thanks for anyone that can help. I'm just particularly interested in what meaning these words would take if you just read them by themself.

#109240 - 08/12/06 03:30 AM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words [Re: shizari]
Ed_Morris Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 6772
hi kusojii, you might want to try an anime forum.

#109241 - 08/12/06 04:47 AM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words [Re: shizari]
paradoxbox Offline

Registered: 09/15/04
Posts: 590

KAIJIN - mysterious person, OR ash/embers OR complete & utter destruction

KEMURI - smoke or fumes

KURAI - dark/darkness

KUMORI - cloudy

HAKUEN - white smoke

KASOKU - acceleration

Thanks for anyone that can help. I'm just particularly interested in what meaning these words would take if you just read them by themself.

Well, judging from those words alone, it must be a pretty exciting story An anime forum would be quite appropriate

#109242 - 08/24/06 04:08 AM Re: Hidden meanings in Japanese words [Re: creative]
IExcalibui2 Offline

Registered: 05/20/06
Posts: 961
Loc: New York City

haha nice one creative
"you're going to work till you wish you were dead and then keep going.." -Sgt Slaughter

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