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#108752 - 10/22/04 08:24 AM You know when you have used too may pp's when...

-when someone says get to the point, you hit them
-you know the names and content of all DKI books and videos (but not the names of your coworkers or child's teacher)
-you go to your sensei's house and look for secrets in the TV guide
-when your child says he/she got a note sent home, you ask if its points or theory
-when watching TV, you stand up and scream 'Oh my God look at that guy's stomach 5'
-you plan vacations, work, and your child's birthday party around seminars
-you know the complete history of Okinawa but not when our country was founded
-you think Muhammed Ali and Bruce Lee were cool because they trained with Dillman Sensei
-when you hear the numbers 2, 4, or 6 you get really happy
-court order doesn't allow you within 300 ft of the local acupuncturist
-you've ever attempted ko'd your child to stop them from whining
-you've ever no touched someone at the movies for talking too loud
-you have ever KO'd the family pet
-you've ever tried to use points to arouse your partner
-you've tried to file seminars as deductables
-the last time your child bumped hurt their knee, you inquired about the angle and direction of the fall
-during career day and PTA functions you are known as 'that weird point guy'
-At the chinese restraunt, you suspect that everyone knows that you know so you try not to let them know that you know that they know (lol)

Things I learned from seminars
-It takes 6 grown men to wake up an unconsious 17 year old
-If someone has their name on the back of their gi, be afraid
-Friends dont let friends do point work and drive
-However big and bad, Leon Jay can and will make you cry like a school girl
-All attempts not to laugh at a joke for the 100th time will be viewed as a direct threat and will be dealt with accordingly
-Never call anyone old.....ever


1.) You have attempted to no touch KO all the animal in your house.
2) youve tried to find GB20 on the cat.

3) You have a bob in every room of your house with all the points marked.

4) All the books in your home have been replaced with acupuncture and tcm manuals.

5) You study more research now than you ever did in school.

6) You know more about human anatomy then any of your science teachers ever did.

7) The neighbors refer to you as the pressure point guy.

You have to explain to your doctor how come you have bruises in the exact same spots all the time.

9) or you have to explain to him how getting whacked on LI13 gives you the runs for 3 days.

10) Youve purposely whacked someone you didnt like in LI13! hehe

Lastly, you spend so much time trying to find the "magic" points during sex that you actually never remember having it!


1) You do Kata breakdowns in the shower
2) You tell your ill friend they'd feel better if they let you kick them in Liver 9
3) You mishear lyrics in your favorite song, thinking it had a point reference
4) You constantly say "Sorry....sorry" and "Ya know what I'm sayin'?"
5) You make a sinister giggle when you see someone with a facial piercing
6) While playing paintball, someone says "CO2" and they can't figure out why that is so funny to you
7) Your pets are all named after katas
You have an acupuncture head model as a bust on your fireplace mantel
9) You ask yourself "Does stepping on a nail count as acupuncture on K-1?"
10) You wake up in the morning, grab an acupuncture book and announce "Today's point of the day is..."
11) After asking your physician a series of questions about the human nervous system, your doctor asks you "Why on earth would you ever want to do that to someone!?!"
12) A stranger hits their funny bone and you start pulling on their pinky finger
13) Your buddies ask if your hungry and you say "Naha". They ask if you want to get lunch with them and you reply "Shuri!"
14) Your friend asks if you want to go to the mall with them and you say "Not today, but maybe Tomari"
15) You ask your local video store clerk when Dillman's videos will be coming out on DVD

#108753 - 10/22/04 12:08 PM Re: You know when you have used too may pp's when...

Perfect. What are the rules about copying this for where I train?

#108754 - 10/22/04 12:21 PM Re: You know when you have used too may pp's when...

Rules? What rules? [IMG][/IMG]

#108755 - 10/23/04 12:28 AM Re: You know when you have used too may pp's when...

i think everyone will agree that you have a little too much time [IMG][/IMG]

#108756 - 11/20/04 02:34 PM Re: You know when you have used too may pp's when...

Two words - pure class [IMG][/IMG]


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